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Dancing With The Stars

Find Out Whose Jive Wasn’t Enough To Keep Her In The Competition After Week 2 on “Dancing With The Stars”

Dancing with the Stars returned to the Disney+ ballroom on Monday to honour Elvis Presley and to highlight how Tyra Banks towers over her presenting partner Alfonso Ribeiro after reports of many occurrences of Covid in the previous week. Those two should be positioned on either side of the stage! Unfortunately, the pro lineup was without one hoofer because Daniella Karagach, whose overnight virus test result was positive, forced her partner Joseph Baena to mask up and perform with replacement ensemble dancer Alexis Warr.


Let’s start recording week 2 now!

Charles Van Amstel and Cheryl Ladd. Before the performance, the couple went on a charming ride in a convertible, but their tango to “A Little Less Conversation” lacked much in the way of cuteness. Ladd became disoriented, missed a tonne of stairs, and was really daunted by the demands placed on her. However, the old girl looks fantastic! The judge Carrie Ann Inaba commented, “That would have been a terrific routine but we got on the wrong foot a couple of times.” “I’m glad you come back so frequently. You repeatedly visited. Twenty-one out of forty


Pasha Pashkov and Teresa Giudice. Giudice recalled how she and her father would to watch DWTS together before he passed away while rehearsing in New Jersey. The judges were unmoved despite Pashkov’s efforts to let her incorporate that intensity into her jive to “All Shook Up.” Due to his marriage to Karagach, Paschkov was also required to perform while wearing a mask. It was energetic and brilliant, according to judge Len Goodman. The issue was that your leg movement contained far too many flaws. One or both of the kicks are not accurate enough. 23 out of 40 points


Alexis Warr and Joseph Baena. The bodybuilder had a difficult break because he was without his ideal dance partner and had to dance the Viennese waltz with a complete stranger while wearing an uncomfortable mask. It could have been a tragedy, but it wasn’t, as judge Derek Hough said. Inaba continued, “You were actually leading.” The hands “go into pancake mode,” so be careful. 24 out of 40 points


both Alan Bersten and Jessie James Decker.


The pop artist from the country genre made a commitment to straightening her legs. She must have made some improvement throughout the sessions because she danced the foxtrot to “Trouble” to open the programme. Goodman remarked, “I enjoy the variety of steps, and I felt your legs were stronger.” “I think it’s better than last week for me.” 25 out of 40 points


and Cheryl Burke. Sam Champion Although the former weatherman is still getting used to Burke’s tough love coaching approach, it is clearly working as his posture was better than last week and, more crucially, he shown a great deal more confidence during the Viennese dance to “Heartbreak Hotel.” Bruno Tonioli, a judge, remarked that Cheryl “can be a truly harsh and tough teacher yet she achieves results.” “You had the look of a leading man.” Score: 26 out of 40


Iwasaki Koko and Guadagnino Vinny The reality personality called Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino for some encouragement after receiving the lowest score last week. He then performed the quickstep to “Viva Las Vegas” while wearing a black jumpsuit and a glossy Elvis wig. Like a gambler in Las Vegas, you “went all in” and it paid off, Goodman added. Result: 27 out of 40


Brandon Armstrong as well as Jordan Sparks The singer is undoubtedly familiar with the song “Hound Dog,” which she performed to victory in a karaoke competition when she was younger, but she is not yet familiar with the idea of quickstepping to the fast-paced melody. The judges observed that she found it difficult to keep up with Armstrong. Control must exist, Goodman insisted. “Your body is your biggest issue. You must attempt to fortify your frame because it is flimsy before you may advance. Result: 27 out of 40


Shangela as well as Gleb Savchenko. The drag queen maintained the same vigour from the premiere night and added it to her exuberant quickstep to “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” feeling like “Beyonce at the Super Bowl.” But a mishap prevented her from outperforming her score from the previous week. You are very focused when you perform, and I appreciate how you give each movement your whole attention, remarked Inaba. Great work. 28/40 is the score.


Artem Chigvintsev as well as Heidi D’Amelio. The social media sensation’s foxtrot to “Suspicious Minds” marked a significant improvement over her cha cha from week one. It was sophisticated and had grace. Through your arms, there is lovely music. I was actually shocked at how wonderful that was generally, albeit occasionally it required a bit more freedom,” observed Goodman. 28/40 is the score.


and Sasha Farber. Selma Blair. Who wasn’t affected by the actress’ performance after hearing about her own struggle with MS? The actress had a great first week. The orchestra slowed down the music on Monday night so Blair could perform a cartwheel and splits. Jiving to “Jailhouse Rock” was a whole new difficulty. Tonioli replied, “You personalised it and made it function. 28/40 is the score.


Britt Stewart as well as Daniel Durant.

During the rehearsal before dancing to “King Creole,” the deaf actor received a surprise visit from his mothers Lori and Mary. Man, did he put on a good face! Alternatively, “stank face,” as Banks put it. Marlee Matlin, his co-star from CODA, was present to support him, but Hough neglected to recognise Troy Kotsur, her amazing date and an Oscar winner. Hough gushed, “Watching you was so engrossing.” The musicality was astounding. 29/40 is the result.


Emily Slater and Trevor Donovan. Although the actor still moves nervously during rehearsals and feels “vulnerable,” his rumba to “You’re Always On My Mind” provided him an opportunity to flaunt his fantastic abs and sex appeal. Banks was captivated with Donovan’s hotness and neglected to line up Goodman while Tonioli couldn’t stop fanning himself. “Do you remember when you used to fear dancing? You love to dance, Hough said. 30 points out of 40


both Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy.

Before dancing the Viennese waltz to the song “Fools Rush In,” The Bachelorette flaunted her engagement ring and new engagement to Eric Schwer. She also flashed her little tush amid all those twirls. Tonioli declared, “I am completely swept away.” “Your partnership with Val, two instruments playing in perfect harmony.” 32/40 is the score.


Bradley Wayne and Carson Witney The Let’s Make a Dealer closed out the show with an excellent jive to “Burning Love.” The man certainly knows how to have fun. “It was a real good jive. I had a lot of fun watching you dance. You need to understand that this competition is a marathon. You are a fantastic dancer, so I want you to take care of your knees. 32/40 is the score.


Mark Ballas as well as Charli D’Amelio. As she performed the quickstep with her coach, the TikTokker’s endurance was undoubtedly put to the limit, but she was able to maintain her energy for “Bossa Nova Baby.” Furthermore, Banks appears to be totally fixated on D’Amelio’s neck. Keep up the positive comments, gal! Hough praised that segment of the video that was side by side. Your personality comes across strongly. 32/40 is the score.


Giudice/Pashkov and Ladd/Van Amstel were the bottom two pairs. Giudice was saved by Hough and Tonioli, and Ladd was saved by Inaba. Since Goodman has the ultimate say, he decided to send Giudice home by picking Ladd instead of the reality star.



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