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For $100, Amazon’s latest Kindle comes with double the storage, a crisper screen, and USB-C.

Although it costs $10 more than before, the upgrades are worthwhile.

In comparison to the basic no-adjective Kindle, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite has long been considered the best Kindle to purchase. It was the first device with a high-resolution, front-lit screen, waterproofing, and USB-C. the list is endless. But today, Amazon unveiled a new $100 Kindle that costs $40 less than the most recent Paperwhite and has practically all of its best features. The new gadget will be introduced on October 12 and is currently up for preorder.


The new 11th-generation model of the Kindle increases the pixel density from 167 PPI to 300 PPI, which is the same level as Amazon’s other Kindles. This significantly improves the text’s sharpness and aesthetics. Storage has increased from 8GB to 16GB, which won’t be noticeable if you read mostly text but will be more beneficial if you listen to many audiobooks. The modern USB-C port has taken the place of the outdated micro USB port, allowing you to charge the device with the same cable that you use to charge the majority of current computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.


The new Kindle costs $10 more than the model it replaces, and if you want the edition without lock screen ads, the price jumps to $120. It costs $120 for a Kindle Kids edition with a two-year warranty extension, one of three eye-catching covers, and a one-year subscription to Amazon’s Kids+ programme (advertising won’t be shown to your children by default, but Amazon claims they will if you exit Kindle Kids mode).


Even yet, the Paperwhite still has a few significant advantages over the standard Kindle. For a smoother and more uniform lighting, the larger 6.8-inch screen’s front light uses 17 LEDs as opposed to the Kindle’s four. If you like a warmer appearance, you can change the colour temperature of its front light. An auto-brightness sensor, wireless charging, and up to 32GB of storage are all features of the Paperwhite Signature Edition. Most notably, all Paperwhite versions are IPX8 waterproof, making them suitable for use in bathtubs, pools, and beaches.


Those improvements are probably still worth the additional $40 for the majority of people. But it’s good to see the basic Kindle get such a substantial boost because it puts it on par with where the Paperwhite was a few years ago for individuals who want to save money (or folks who are buying a second Kindle for a child).


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