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EntertainmentFor National Cinema Day on September 3, movie theatres are offering $3 tickets.
National Cinema Day

For National Cinema Day on September 3, movie theatres are offering $3 tickets.

The unprecedented promotion involves over 3,000 cinemas, including mega-circuits AMC, Regal, and Cinemark.


In honour of the first-ever National Cinema Day, theatres want people to put away their Labor Day weekend picnic baskets and go see a movie for $3 or less on September 3.

Over 3,000 movie theatres will take part in the one-day event, which will apply to all ticket formats, including Imax. AMC Entertainment, Cinemark Theatres, and the embattled Regal Cinemas are among the circuits offering the special pricing.

The Cinema Foundation, a new non-profit organisation affiliated with the National Association of Theatre Owners, created the promotion.


“We wanted to do something to celebrate moviegoing after this summer’s record-breaking return to theatres,” said Cinema Foundation president Jackie Brenneman. “We’re doing it by saying ‘thank you’ to the moviegoers who helped make this summer a success, and by providing an extra incentive for those who haven’t returned yet.”


Normally, Hollywood studios and movie theatre operators would be hesitant to reduce their prices so drastically, especially on a Saturday.


In this case, however, it could be a win-win situation for everyone.


Historically, Labor Day weekend is a slow period for moviegoers as they focus on end-of-summer activities. This year is even quieter than usual, as exhibitors deal with a dramatic slowdown in August studio product after a huge March-July period. The downturn is largely due to post-production delays caused by the pandemic.


Honk for Jesus is one of the new nationwide offerings for Labor Day. Save Your Soul, starring Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall, as well as two rereleases: Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, in 3D, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

According to NATO, the average ticket price in the United States in 2019 was $9.16 (the organisation hasn’t updated that figure since the pandemic began).

The Cinema Foundation, which was founded in March, is dedicated to growing moviegoing communities and developing future diverse workforces in the exhibition industry through research, education, and philanthropy. It is supported by NATO and a slew of new partners, including technology companies, food and beverage leaders, creative community members, and other individuals and businesses committed to the future of cinema.


On National Cinema Day, A24, Amazon Studios, Disney, Focus Features, Lionsgate, Neon, Paramount, Sony, Sony Pictures Classics, MGM/United Artists Releasing, Universal, and Warner Bros. will provide sneak peeks at upcoming titles.

Himanshu Mahawar is the Editor and Founder at Flaunt Weekly.

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