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For the ultimate Apple Watch Ultra GPS test, this guy cut his lawn.

Nothing compares to this Apple Watch Ultra test, which is among the most intense we’ve seen. We all despise the exercise, yet Reddit user suburbandad1999 persevered by mowing the grass. The outcomes are really fascinating since they show how well the new GPS in the Apple Watch Ultra works.


GPS on Apple Watch Ultra
The first model of Apple Watch to include a precision dual-frequency GPS is Apple Watch Ultra. Greater accuracy in tracking distance, pace, and training routes is made possible by this.


According to Apple, a conventional GPS solution using only L1 GPS “works well most of the time for most users.” But when large structures, trees, or thick vegetation block satellites, things can get complicated. In circumstances like congested cities, the more recent L5 GPS offers improved signal processing, which lowers many mistakes and provides a more reliable signal.


In order to capture a more exact location while maintaining power efficiency, the new GPS on Apple Watch Ultra combines the L1 GPS and new L5 GPS signal. This is especially helpful for GPS accuracy when exercising on trails and in crowded urban areas.


How does it compare
Additionally, it’s just a better GPS. Apple is careful to include GPS in the new Apple Watch SE and Series 8, but it turns out that the dual-frequency GPS is useful for everyone.


Although cutting the lawn is not quite as strenuous as scaling a mountain, the Reddit user’s comparison of the GPS accuracy of the two devices is nonetheless useful. The image by itself sells the accuracy that incorporating L5 into the Apple Watch Ultra


The Reddit user stated, “Image on the left is the funny GPS track of me mowing my lawn a few weeks ago with my Series 4 (RIP).” “Compared to the graphic on the right, it would even have me zip a few doors down and display an additional 1.4 miles of travel time. The Apple Watch Ultra displays each complex row I made.


This should convince you that the Apple Watch Ultra is superior, if you weren’t already persuaded. Have you used the Apple Watch Ultra to compare GPS? Post your comments with your ideas.



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