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Prince Andrew

Former royal soldier claimed that bully Prince Andrew had a “revolving door” of women entering “his bedroom.”

A former royal protection officer was reportedly shocked by the sheer number of women who entered Prince Andrew’s private quarters.


Prince Andrew: Banished, a new documentary on the disgraced Duke of York, features Paul Page, who served from 1994 to 2004, and is now streamable on Peacock.


It tries to investigate the “tumultuous and intricate” relationships between Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and the British royal’s life.


A royal press secretary, journalists, members of Andrew’s social circle, palace insiders, journalists, and the legal team who brought the horrific accusations against the murdered prince to light are all interviewed for the documentary.




Regarding the divorced royal, Page remarked, “We used to joke that he should have a revolving door in his bedroom. “There were so many women entering and leaving that it seemed like he had visitors practically every day. each time a different one.”


Page claimed that once a woman arrived and informed the police that she was coming to meet Andrew. However, until they obtained confirmation from his staff, the officers couldn’t let her in. The woman then offered to call Andrew on her own initiative.


Page claimed, “We could hear the dialogue. “Put one of the officers on, he commanded. My coworker picked up the phone. He yelled, “You listen to me, you fat, lardy-a— c—t,” at the top of his lungs. I’ll go down there if you don’t let my visitor in.”




According to Page, the humiliated mystery woman immediately made her way to Andrew’s quarters.


You would think a member of the royal family would show some decency and respect for the people who are there to watch after and protect them, said Page. “Simply put, there is none [with Andrew]. He’s just a truly awful person. He abuses others.”


Following a multimillion dollar property swindle, Page was sentenced to prison in 2009, according to The Independent. In the ITV documentary “Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile,” he previously made a statement.


62-year-old Andrew’s spokesman told Fox News Digital he had nothing to add. A comment from Andrew’s lawyer was requested by Fox News Digital, but there was no immediate response.


The prince has been referred to as “Randy Andy” for decades, and with good reason, according to Kinsey Schofield, royal authority and host of the “To Di For” podcast, who made this observation to Fox News Digital.




As recently as 2021, a lady who informed security she was at Prince Andrew’s house for a date was let inside despite his reputation as a womaniser, according to Schofield. “Staff let her inside the premises without asking her to do so because they were worried about the prince erupting, and she was left alone for 20 minutes. The gate guards were so terrified of the prince that they paid for the woman’s taxi when it dropped her off. She entered his house but didn’t cause a problem until she announced to another member of his staff that she and Andrew were engaged to be married. Later, she was detained.”


“How is this even possible? Prince Andrew has previously reprimanded workers for letting his guests wait at the gates, “Shared by Schofield “Emma Gruenbaum, a massage therapist, reports that Prince Andrew was her most unsettling client during their brief employment together. She has made public statements about the inappropriate chats and hugging she received from him. She thinks he stopped contacting her after he understood she wouldn’t grant him his wish.”


Mark Harrison, a photographer who claims to have shot a humiliating photo of Prince Andrew that would shame the royal family, is likewise a mystery, Schofield continued. “Harrison claims that Prince Andrew lobbied for the image to stay off the streets. Few people have actually seen it, but those who have reported being “shocked” is saying something.”




King Charles is well aware that Prince Andrew is a burden to the royal family, Schofield continued.

The monarch, who was allegedly “the queen’s favourite son,” lost his honorary military positions in January amid a legal kerfuffle. According to the allegations in the case, Andrew had intercourse with a 17-year-old who was provided to him by American businessman and convicted sex offender Epstein. The queen also prohibited him from using the title “His Royal Highness” in official contexts and revoked his honorary leadership of numerous charities and well-known patronages.


Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims that in 2001, when she was 17 years old, Epstein compelled her to have sex with Andrew. She said that Andrew had had sexual relations with her in London, New York, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and that Andrew had flown her across the world on private jets to have sex with rich men. While awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking and conspiracy allegations, Epstein passed away in custody in August 2019. He was 66.


2019 saw Andrew sit down for an interview to address the accusations, which turned out to be a complete disaster. The duke stated he was moving out from public life after receiving harsh criticism.


Prince Andrew will be scrutinised in every action as long as he is on the family’s side: KINGDOM EXPERT


Three weeks after Giuffre’s attorneys reached a settlement, a U.S. judge threw out Andrew’s sex abuse case in March. The prince was supposed to confess that he never intended to defame his accuser’s character and give a sizeable payment to her organisation.


David Boies, Giuffre’s lawyer, included a statement in a letter to the judge that said in part, “Prince Andrew wants to promote the rights of victims by giving a sizable sum to Ms. Giuffre’s organisation. Ms. Giuffre has endured hardships as a known victim of abuse and as a result of unjust public insults, but Prince Andrew never intended to disparage her character.”


The duke confirmed Epstein had trafficked “countless young girls” for many years, the document said. He “regrets his involvement with Epstein and commends Ms. Giuffre and other survivors for their courage in speaking up for themselves and others.”


Andrew’s controversy made news earlier this month once more when he showed up at an Edinburgh funeral procession for his mother. A protester shouted, “Andrew, you’re a sick old man!” as he and his siblings marched behind the queen’s coffin.


The 22-year-old who heckled the prince, according to the police, was detained “in connection with a violation of the peace.”


Andrew has refuted the charges.

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