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Fortnite X My Hero Academia – Four Crossover Skins and New Mythic

Fortnite X My Hero Academia – Four Crossover Skins and New Mythic

Fortnite’s latest anime crossover has just hit the game, with exclusive new skins and a new Mythic weapon. This is another crossover between a Shonen anime and manga series, and the Battle Royale.

Fortnite X My Hero Academia is bringing some skins from the show into the game. However, we’ve also got in-game items in a powerful new Mythic. This crossover event is on a similar scale to this year’s Dragon Ball event. We might only be weeks into the new Chapter, but we’ve got this crossover Winterfest, and more to be playing through.

Fortnite X Mr Hero Academia

The skins for the Fortnite X My Hero Academia crossover are the main event. As with past collaborations, picking up all of them is going to cost a decent amount of V-Bucks, but they’re some of Fortnite’s most creative skins yet. There’s two bundles for Fortnite X My Hero Academia skins.

The first bundle is of UA Students. The main skin is Izuku Midoriya, or Deku. With this skin there’s his normal look and a powered-up version using One for All full cowling. His back bling is an All Might toy which cheers on every kill, and his harvesting tool is made up of his Black Vine quirk. This bundle also includes Bakugo who comes with a pickaxe and back bling styled on his equipment. The last is Uraraka who similarly has themed cosmetics with her.

All Might is the second bundle. He comes with a branded pick axe, and a secondary skin. This second style is his unpowered form, it comes with an emote to switch between them so you’re getting two skins in one.

Quests and The Hero Training Gym

Even if you don’t want to purchase the My Hero Academia skins, there’s new content for you to get through. The Hero Training Gym is a new creative map that players can jump into at any time. This is at island code 6917-7775-5190.

You can hop in there and get through some Fortnite X My Hero Academia quests. These give you some XP to get through the latest Battle Pass. However, they also have exclusive free cosmetics as rewards for the quest.

  • Assist in Eliminating Opponents on the hero Training Gym Island – Get a Deku Spray
  • Secure Rescue Points on the Hero Training Gym Island – Get Plus Ultra Spray
  • Complete Four My Hero Academia Quests – Deku’s Glove Emoticon.
  • Complete Eight My Hero Academia Quests – U.A Cape Back Bling

The Hero Training Area is divided into two areas. It’s based on the UA training facility used in multiple arcs of My Hero Academia.

Deku’s Smash Mythic – Fortnite X My Hero Academia

Alongside cosmetics, this crossover has a new feature in-game. In this week’s Fortnite V23.10 PatchEpic added in a Brand New Mythic. This is Deku’s Smash. Plyers can use the power of the One for All quirk. They charge up with a little animation before unleashing a full power smash. It’s a physical attack that can do crazy damage if you line it up right.

Like with the Kamehameha Mythic, this one is limited to a few uses. Otherwise, it’s a bit much. They’re going to be relatively easy to find. You can get them from My Hero Academia Vending Machines and from All Might supply Drops. Players are probably going to be able to get them in most games if they want them. The All Might Supply Drops are another new feature. These are Supply Drops branded with the No.1 Hero’s face!

That’s everything that’s included in the Fortnite X My Hero Academia crossover! With unique content in-game and some cool skins, this is one of the most fun crossovers Fortnite has had. Even coming so shortly after the game introduced MrBeast. There is loads going on in the game right now.

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