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TechGoogle may have just announced the precise release dates for the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch.

Google may have just announced the precise release dates for the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch.

Google’s sophisticated new high-end cellphones and nearly mythical first-ever smartwatch were pre-announced (yeah, that’s apparently a thing now) all the way back in May. They are now officially planned for a… actual (and comprehensive) second announcement in just a few weeks.


On October 6, everything we already know about the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch will be confirmed or refuted, and the scant few elements that haven’t (convincingly) been revealed should finally receive a full reveal prior to a commercial release… sometime before the end of the year.

When can you purchase the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro?

Even after all of the recent teases and unconventional publicity stunts, that, my friends, is one of the most important questions Google has yet to answer. However, if we are to believe the unofficial information obtained by a German blog (translated here) from “Google partners,” the following timeline seems to be the most likely at the moment:


Pre-orders begin on October 6 at Google and other top retailers.
Early adopters’ delivery date is October 18.


Roland Quandt seems to attest to both the overall legitimacy of this “Caschy” guy and (particularly) the veracity of this specific new story, despite the fact that he is not exactly a well-known tech leaker with a long and rock-solid track record.


Quandt, who is unquestionably a reliable and active insider in the mobile industry, recently tweeted some rather depressing storage information for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro while also projecting a start to shipping for both Google-made devices “within two weeks after the launch event on October 6.”


Since that was a little ambiguous, Quandt is now prepared to essentially confirm the October 18 release date. However, as “Caschy” cautions, nothing is finalised just yet, and delays or “short-term alterations” may enter the picture to jeopardise Big G’s present timetable until the very last minute.


In contrast to last year’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which were able to reach their first customers just nine days after an October 19 announcement, Google is anticipated to take 12 days between a launch and a release this fall, October 18 would signal an earlier (and presumably wider) commercial debut.


However, before Google made the October 6 event official, Jon Prosser anticipated an October 6 pre-order start and an October 13 availability launch. For the time being, it’s definitely a good idea to have that possibility in the back of your mind as well.

What date will the Pixel Watch debut?

That’s an even difficult issue to answer for a variety of reasons, with very few predictions made thus far by our most reliable tippers on Twitter and elsewhere on the internet.


The widely awaited luxury Apple Watch rival for Wear OS users may not have to wait as long as initially thought, despite a few hazy and somewhat pessimistic predictions that circulated in the latter part of November.


Google’s initial Pixel Watch units are rumoured to ship on November 4, which is later than anticipated for the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro but not by as much as some of you may have feared.

Pre-orders for this circular beauty may or may not begin on October 6 along with the Pixel 7 smartphone pair, but that seems like a pretty safe bet.


A new inexpensive Chromecast streamer with Google TV and a bundled remote is virtually guaranteed to see the light of day soon (possibly even before October 6), along with some other (unknown) smart home products. In the meantime, you should most definitely not expect the Pixel Tablet to make its commercial debut at any (remaining) point in 2022.



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