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Google’s Latest Teaser Shows Off the Pixel Watch Bezel Much Better

Some of us were definitely excited when Google posted a peek of the Pixel Watch’s design last week. It’s clear that Google spent a lot of time perfecting the appearance of its first smartwatch to give it a distinctive yet upscale appeal. That does not, however, imply that it is faultless in any way. The watch’s bezel size was the most frequent (and obvious) point of criticism in that video, leading at least one of our readers to refer to it as the “Pixel Watch (Bezel Edition).”


Even if the nickname is humorous, the bezel didn’t look great, especially in the photograph of the watch face with numbers at each 5-minute interval. In fact, it gave the impression that the watch had more bezel than we had seen since the early days of smartwatches.


Then, as one Reddit user noticed, Google today published a related video (here) to its Google Taiwan channel that has unquestionably been modified from the one we saw last week. The watch face has been extended further out in practically every single frame, giving the impression of a smaller bezel. This is illustrated below in the GIF mash-up we created using the watch face showcase from each video.


That must be excellent news, then. Or do we now ponder which video provides the most accurate depiction? So, until the watch is official and we get to see it in person, we won’t really know.


Fortunately, that ought to occur on October 6. please move quickly.

Udit Ghosh

Udit Ghosh is a Journalist at Flaunt Weekly.

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