Gurman: iPhone 14 Pro models will have larger batteries, and Apple will focus on eSIM technology.

Before the iPhone 14 event, here are some more tidbits. The iPhone 14 Pro models will have larger batteries, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter. This would be Apple’s second year in a row increasing battery capacity while improving processor performance. Furthermore, the company appears to be focusing on eSIM technology from the start, rather than physical SIM cards.

This isn’t the first time 9to5Mac has reported that the iPhone 14 series’ batteries will be upgraded. In June, Twitter user ShrimpApplePro, who has always been able to find rumours about new Apple releases on Chinese social media, shared a post that could confirm the size of the battery in the new regular and pro iPhones.

According to a Baidu post, the standard iPhone 14 could have a 3,279 mAh battery, compared to the iPhone 13, which has a 3,227 mAh battery. The 14 Pro could have a 3,200 mAh battery, as opposed to the 3,095 mAh battery in the iPhone 13 Pro. The 14 Pro Max, on the other hand, would have a slightly smaller battery, with 4,323 mAh compared to the 13 Pro Max’s 4,352 mAh.

Although Gurman does not mention the regular iPhone 14 models, it would be very interesting if he is correct about the Pro models receiving a larger battery – something that users always want.

Aside from the notch, I’ve been told that the iPhone 14 Pro models will be slightly larger overall and have slimmer bezels. They will also have larger batteries.

Gurman summarised what he expects Apple to introduce with these new iPhones in his final newsletter before the event. He stated that the regular iPhone 14 models will only receive “some camera hardware changes.” He concentrated on the iPhone 14 Pro models, writing that he believes the phones will include:

For the first time, a front-facing camera will include autofocus.
Improved facial recognition sensors; new 48MP wide-angle system; enhanced telephoto and ultrawide-angle sensors
Video recording and low-light photography have been improved.
The A16 processor.
Finally, he discusses Apple’s push for eSIM technology. While it was speculated that Apple would remove the physical SIM card slot from newer iPhone models, it is unclear whether Apple will do so for the iPhone 14 line. Gurman stated:

And this time, Apple will make a bigger push for eSIM, with carriers planning to steer users toward digital, embedded SIM cards rather than physical ones. In fact, Apple has considered removing the physical SIM card slot entirely from some models starting this year or next.

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