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Hagakure is Brought to Life in Controversial Cover Art for My Hero Academia

Recently, My Hero Academia has made news once more, and there is more content coming soon on two fronts. Readers are following the manga as its last act continues as the anime’s sixth season begins. As usual, a new chapter of the manga was given to fans this week, but no one anticipated the cover image. You will realise why it is causing the commotion it is once you have seen it.


This past weekend saw the situation come to life as a new chapter of My Hero Academia was released, complete with its customary cover art. Fans did not anticipate that the artwork would portray a young woman in the bikini. With the exception of some strategically placed warning tape, Toru Hagakure is completely nude in this important work of art after being kept hidden for years.


As you can see below, the artwork is unsettling, and people are finding it difficult to believe it was officially released. Hagakure’s real face has hardly ever been depicted in the manga, and of course, her body has never been so exposed. After all, the manga character just turned 16 and it’s difficult to ignore the fact that she is a first-year high school student.




The fandom has been stirred by this cover’s sexual imagery, and many are wondering why Hagakure was depicted in this way considering her age. The mature interpretation simply adds to earlier disputes within the fanbase, as Momo’s exposing clothing has often drawn criticism for My Hero Academia. Of course, there is constant discussion among fans about Mineta’s promiscuous behaviour.

What are your thoughts on the newest cover art? Do you think Shonen Jump went too far in this case? Contact me on Twitter at @MeganPetersCB or leave your comments in the section below.

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