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Halo: Infinite won’t have online matchmaking for its campaign co-op mode.

Players will have to find other ways to connect with their friends.


The campaign multiplayer beta test for Halo: Infinite is now live, giving players the chance to team up in one of the best games of last year. But there is no way to find a group of people to play with through official channels. A spokesperson for Xbox told GamesRadar that the company has no plans to add matchmaking to Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op before the game’s final release.


Xbox suggests that players use outside tools like Discord instead of the official matchmaking service. In a statement to GamesRadar, Xbox called out the new Xbox Discord service as a good way for gamers to find other campaign players who share their interests, both during the beta period and after the feature goes live.


Fans of Halo Infinite who have been waiting almost a year to play campaign co-op with other players are upset by this news. Campaign co-op has been a mainstay of the series for a long time. Many players who have been waiting for this feature have been looking forward to playing with friends or family. However, others do not have anyone they want to play with.


As games get more complicated, developers are turning to third-party software to help solve player problems. This has been going on for years in Destiny 2, where players use tools like Discord to find raid members and other programs to organize their inventory. Even though these tools are helpful for those who use them, players who don’t want to go through the trouble of using third-party options or who don’t know they exist will have a bad time.


Through the Xbox Insider Program, the campaign co-op for Halo: Infinite can be tried out until August 1. Later this year, the feature will go live, along with the ability to replay campaign missions.

Nicole Cherie Hesse

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