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Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan’s Second Row Funeral Seats Were Not A Snub, According to Buckingham Palace

Harry and Meghan were seated in the second row at Westminster Abbey, according to a palace source, not as a snub but rather due to age. At St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, they were once again in the front row.


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A source at Buckingham Palace told The Daily Beast on Monday night that there was “no snub” directed at Prince Harry at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and that due to his age, he was seated in the second row.


The source told The Daily Beast that “the order was essentially age order but trying not to break families up,” in an effort to dispel rumours that Harry and wife Meghan Markle had been seated in the second row as an insult following their estrangement from the family. (At the second public funeral ceremony of the day at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, Harry and Meghan were sat in the front row.)


The royal palace claimed that other royal grandchildren, including Prince William (40), who is currently first in line to the throne, had been seated in accordance of age, with Peter (44) and Zara (41) being placed in the front row ahead of second-row occupants Harry (38), Beatrice (34), and Eugenie (32).


Instead of speculation that Harry was demoted to a less prominent position as a result of his and his wife’s criticisms of the monarchy, the palace claims that this explains why Zara and Peter, Harry’s cousins who are also Princess Anne’s children but have never served as working royals, were seated in the front row.


Simply before the queen passed away, Meghan gave an interview in which she claimed the pair threatened the institution’s “hierarchy” “just by existing” and seemed to threaten to make additional discoveries. The couple has accused an unnamed member of the family of racism. The upcoming release of Harry’s memoir is reportedly causing the palace great concern.


It appears that Harry has experienced a number of slights since the death of the queen.


When his grandmother’s illness was originally reported, he did not go to Scotland with his brother and uncles. He was also barred from a supper with Charles and William the night she passed away, and he was not permitted to attend the funeral today while dressed in military uniform.


Additionally, it was said that he learned of the queen’s passing barely five minutes before it was made known to the public.

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