Here are a Coral Pixel Watch Active band and a bezel case from a third party. [Gallery]

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Prior to its release on Thursday, the Pixel Watch has been extensively leaked, but here’s a look at the Coral Active band straight from Google and what appears to be a bezel cover for the wearable.

Two weeks ago, the first talk of a “Coral” Active Pixel Watch band surfaced. This evening, when reviewing a Google Store email advertising the new wired Nest Doorbell, we noticed what might be it. However, it is a little darker and redder than anticipated—raspberry comes to mind. The hour and seconds hands on the watch face match the strap.

It can be seen towards the conclusion of the promotional message as part of a “Meet the latest from Google” section that is written in a way that suggests the Pixel 7/Pro and Watch have already been revealed.

Discover the newest gadgets with Google TV, including the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Google Pixel Watch, and Chromecast (HD).

The new Doorbell and Nest Wifi Pro, as well as the Chromecast with Google TV (HD) from last month, may have been announced at the same event, according to this. The fact that Google decided to make significant Nest hardware and software announcements just two days before “Made by Google” surprised some people this morning.

The business hinted that there would be Nest goods when it previewed the event at the beginning of last month. At this rate, October 6 should be all about the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and Watch—barring a surprise.

Aside from the tangent, third-party Pixel Watch accessories are beginning to surface on Amazon. A “Bezel Styling” that gives Google’s wearable a stainless steel border is being offered by case manufacturer Ringke.

Its purpose is to “keep your gadget safe from scratches and dust acquired from frequent use,” in addition to cracks brought on by impacts. The “cushioned double-side type” with a cutout for the crown is how this item fastens.