Here Are The Most Popular ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Houses, Ranked

Here Are The Most Popular ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Houses, Ranked



While Harry Potter fans were guided through the books effectively forced to feel a certain way about Gryffindor, house of our heroes, Harry, Ron and Hermione, and about Slytherin, child villain-producing headquarters, what would change when people were allowed to pick their own houses instead in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, yes, there’s a Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat which will make a recommendation based on two questions in-game or a lengthy quiz on an externa website, but ultimately you get to pick. And the results? They’re a little surprising.

Now, I will note that this list is in flux and the final order may still change. But what we’ve done here is peel off PSN trophies for each of the four houses, as each house has a different quest that leads to the Map Chamber in the game (nearly everything else is identical minus the common room you wake up in and your robe colors). As such, we can see what percent of players have gotten the achievement with each house:

  1. Slytherin – 15.4%
  2. Ravenclaw – 14.26%
  3. Gryffindor – 13.14%
  4. Hufflepuff – 8.41%

This has actually changed from a few days ago. Here were the percentages on the February 9th:

  1. Slytherin – 12.6%
  2. Gryffindor – 9.8%
  3. Ravenclaw – 7.5%
  4. Hufflepuff – 3.9%

So, even though I thought I was being cool trying to make a hero out of a Slytherin this time around, apparently I was not alone in that idea. Or perhaps some people thought they were doing a “bad guy” playthrough, except there really is no such thing. Well, at least all the houses can learn the Unforgivable Curses, that is.

Hogwarts Legacy


I guess people are over Gryffindor at this point, having held the spotlight for so long. Ravenclaw has really shot up there and could actually overtake Slytherin if these trends hold. And while I am not surprised to see Hufflepuff in dead last, long thought of as a somewhat hapless house, in Hogwarts Legacy they actually have the best version of the singular quest that’s created this trophy split, as it involves Azkaban and Patronuses while the others don’t. I barely even remember the Slytherin-only version of this quest, so it must not have been very interesting.

As I’ve said, outside of achievements and trophies, I’m not sure there are that many reasons to do alternate playthroughs on other houses, as it doesn’t seem like outside of one story quest, you’re going to have that much of a different experience. But I know some people will go for all four. I might have to do Hufflepuff just to see that one quest for myself, I guess.

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