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TechHere’s how to obtain your PS5 from GameStop, which has a resupply in stock today.

Here’s how to obtain your PS5 from GameStop, which has a resupply in stock today.

If you’re willing to visit your local shop in person, GameStop has been a fairly reliable source of PS5 supply lately. The retailer will begin its next significant refill at its physical stores today, August 19, and as usual, PowerUp Rewards Pro members will have first dibs.


A few PS5 packages will be accessible to Pro members on August 19 and to everyone else on August 20, according to the GameStop website. Get to your local store early since, like every resupply, these are likely to sell out quickly (you can find your nearest GameStop here).


The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are almost exclusively sold by GameStop in bundles, which frequently include a few games and accessories. These cost more than simply purchasing the $499 PS5 or $399 PS5 Digital Edition outright, but they frequently remain in stock longer and often contain some goods you would have been planning to purchase anyhow.


The Shortcut reports that this weekend’s bundles include a PS5 Disc with a DualSense Controller and Madden NFL 23 (priced between $640 and $745), a PS5 Digital with the same extras (priced between $540 and $545), and a PS5 Digital Horizon Forbidden West bundle (priced between $595 and $600) with a DualSense controller and a $70 PlayStation Store gift card.


The $14.99/year PowerUp Rewards Pro membership from GameStop offers several bonuses in addition to exclusive access to console drops, and is essentially necessary to have a chance at getting this replenishment. Additionally, you’ll receive 2% back in rewards credit on every purchase you make, a monthly subscription to Game Informer magazine, and shop credit (including a $10 welcome bonus and $5 each month to go toward games, gear, and toys).


Restocks of the PS5 have become more frequent in recent months, but it’s still not quite possible to simply go online and purchase Sony’s console anytime you want. In a recent earnings call, Sony reportedly mentioned that it is increasing production of the PlayStation 5 to make it simpler to buy one for the upcoming holidays. To offer you the best opportunity of getting a PS5, we’ll keep track of all the most recent restock updates in the interim.

Himanshu Mahawar is the Editor and Founder at Flaunt Weekly.

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