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Here’s Why This French Candle Brand Is Our Editors’ Go-To for Gifting

Here’s Why This French Candle Brand Is Our Editors’ Go-To for Gifting

Here’s Why This French Candle Brand Is Our Editors’ Go-To for Gifting

Diptyque’s high-end, instantly-recognizable candles are an easy gift choice this year — or a great way to treat yourself this holiday

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We think the best gifts are ones that your giftee wouldn’t normally treat themselves to, but will use and love if they get them. Premium candles are one such gift, as most people don’t keep a stock of high-quality candles, but almost everyone can enjoy a nicely scented candle if given one as a gift. If you’re currently stumped on what to get someone on your gift shopping list (or you’re looking for a great housewarming gift), we highly recommend checking out the high-end French candlemaker Diptyque.

We think Diptyque has the best candle gifts for two reasons: quality and branding. Their candles are famously luxurious: Diptyque makes all their candles in France using raw, high-quality materials while giving meticulous attention to detail. For example, each wick is straightened by hand to ensure that the candle burns just right.

Diptyque has also never used synthetic fragrances in almost 80 years of candle-making – an accomplishment shared by very few in the fragrance world. And to seal the deal, their candles have a longer burn time than most, at 50 to 60 hours for the classic size.

Branding also plays a part in the fun of gifting (and receiving) a Diptyque candle. The label is minimal yet instantly recognizable with the French scents boldly displayed in the center.

What Are the Best Diptyque Candles to Give as Gifts?

Not all candles are made the same. In fact, they differ quite a bit – even within one brand’s lineup. But with a little shopping around you can pick the best candle for your recipient, turning a good present into a great one. Here’s what to know about scent and size when it comes to Diptyque candles.

Scent: You can’t really pick a bad scent at Diptyque, but some might be better suited to your giftee’s tastes than others. All of Diptyque’s candles are separated into olfactory families including floral, woody, fruity, and so on. Picking one that fits your recipient’s sense of style, decor, and vibe adds more of a personal touch.

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Size: Diptyque offers four sizes under the names outdoor, colored scented, classic, and small. The classic size (190g) has an impressive burn time of about 50 to 60 hours while the small size (70g) is about half that. The indoor/outdoor candles are quite large at 1500g with a burn time of 120 hours, and the colored scented candles are close to 300g for a burn time of 75 hours.

What Are the Best Diptyque Candles?

Whether you’re shopping for a gift or just looking to add a luxe touch to your space, we’ve rounded up the best Diptyque candles based on scent, style, and ambiance.

1. Classic Candle Wood Fire

Courtesy Diptyque

Diptyque’s best-selling Feu de Bois candle is a great gift any time of year, but it’s truly one of the best during the holiday season. The scent is warm and smokey, as the name (wood fire, in English) suggests. Because Feu de Bois is one of Diptyque’s best-sellers, you can pick it up in any size herebut the classic size (below) is called that for a reason.

Buy Classic Candle Wood Fire $72

2. 5-Piece Holiday Mini Candle Gift Set


If you want to give a more festive Diptyque gift, pick up this five-piece holiday set. It includes a selection of some of Diptyque’s most iconic scents, including Berries, Roses, and Fig Tree, and the mini candles are packaged in a celebration box that makes unwrapping all the more fun.

Buy Mini Candle Gift Set $95

3. Candle Lantern


Here’s another option if you want something more special from Diptyque. This candle lantern kit fits around the top of Diptyque’s 6.7 ounce candles, and features the brand’s oval logo repeated all over. This texture interacts with the light from the candle, casting shadows around the wall or room, and adds some flair to a regular candle. (candle sold separately).


Buy Diptyque Candle Lantern $90

4. Black Baies Colored Scented Candle

Courtesy Amazon

The colored scented candles from Diptyque are larger and come in a hand-blown black glass container. The scent is slightly stronger, making it a great choice for special occasions, especially in this Baies (berries) scent. Once lit, enjoy the smell of fresh roses that have been upgraded with sweetening blackcurrant leaves.

Buy Black Baies Colored Scented Candle $105

5. Pomander Small Candle

Courtesy Diptyque

Diptyque’s small-sized (and less pricey) candles are great as stocking stuffers or gifts for people you’re less familiar with (say, a co-worker or neighbor). This Pomander candle (amber apple) is a great choice for the holiday season with a scent that balances spicy, citrusy, and sweet. Diptyque gives a pro tip: pair this Pomander scent with Feu de Bois for an extra cozy, wintery olfactory experience.

Buy Pomander Small Candle $40


6. Baies Indoor & Outdoor Candle

Courtesy Diptyque

If your recipient is a fan of al fresco candle-lit dinners, consider upgrading to one of Diptyque’s indoor/outdoor candles. They’re larger and feature three wicks to ensure consistent light, even with evening breezes. The indoor/outdoor candles come in a handmade earthenware pot that makes the candle part outdoor decor, parts aroma producer.

Buy Baies Indoor & Outdoor Candle $400

7. Classic Candle Custom Set

Courtesy Diptych

Can’t decide which scent to go with? Or really want to treat someone special? Go with this custom six-candle set from Diptyque. You choose six classic-size candles, ensuring enough Diptyque scents to indulge the addiction that’s sure to develop after smelling these things. When building your set, we suggest picking candles from six different olfactory families.

Buy Classic Candle Custom Set $432

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