Honor Magic5 charging specs revealed in new leak

Honor Magic5 charging specs revealed in new leak

A “Magic5” and “5 Pro” render. (Source: RODENT950)

Honor will unleash its Magic5 line of devices as potential Samsung Galaxy S23 series rivals at MWC 2023. The OEM has yet to hint at the flagship Android smartphones’ specs in detail – however, the Chinese regulator 3C has reportedly done some of this work already, spoiling their charging upgrades year-on-year – or lack thereof, that is.

The latest Honor Magic5 pre-launch renders, based on a real-life image of a device caged in a prototyping casepaint the devices as premium Android smartphones with a new triangular lay-out for their rear cameras, albeit one somewhat disrupted by more erratically-placed ancillary sensors.

Nevertheless, Honor is probably still hoping for the overall effect found in its latest MWC 2023 trailers. The Magic5 and its more premium siblings might aim to take the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series on from their debut at this event.

Should the latest leaks be believed, their Honor rivals will win in terms of charging speed, at least. According to a new listing allegedly filed by 3C, even the base Magic5 (or PGT-AN00) will support charging at up to 66 watts (W), blowing past the top-of-the-line S23 Ultra at 45W.

On the other hand, this may mean that Honor is settling for last-gen technology in this respect, as the Magic4 and Magic4 Lite from 2022 also had this technology.

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The “Magic5” is slated to support reasonably fast charging. (Source: 3C via MyFixGuide)

Deirdre O’Donnell, 2023-02- 5 (Update: 2023-02- 5)

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