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How AllStars Digital Is Changing the Face of Sports Gaming

While there are some noteworthy problems holding back the growth of blockchain gaming, it is still gaining in popularity. A big concern for gamers is the infusion of reality into the games. The prevailing sentiment is that real-time values and occurrences should be felt in the games, enhancing the play-to-earn (P2E) experience.

To maintain the tokenomics of the system, P2E game programmers feel pressured to juggle more complex balancing techniques rather than adding more compelling features for the players. Finally, there is a project that pegs the value of its tokens to the performance of the biggest sports stars in the world.

AllStars Digital is one of the most ambitious sports projects launching this year. The startup is led by CEO, Youssef Mechahouri, a huge sports enthusiast, a seasoned professional, and a renowned risk executive from tier 1 banking. As an industry expert, he is paving the way for an ecosystem currency to empower sports traders everywhere.

Youssef is a passionate believer in this new and engaging platform that pushes the edge of the envelope in relatable market assets. He has been a principal designer in the pricing and liquidity solution behind AllStars Digital.

Youssef brings a wealth of experience to the table, being well-established in both capital markets and crypto trading. He has been a professional crypto trader in his own right and has been in top leadership positions in the finance industry.

The concept is relatively straightforward – If your football stars perform well, their asset price is reflected positively. If they perform poorly, in instances such as missed tackles, giving the ball away, conceding goals, or getting sent off, their price will drop accordingly. This way, the trade is not a binary bet. It is a position on the athlete’s holistic performance with all performance elements considered.

“Our team watched hundreds of games to examine real in-game performance versus the price movements on the platform. We now have a compelling proposition where price movement reflects the intuitive perspective of performance as well as the deep data version of events. This is important as the data is the real deal and removes the subjective element of performance ranking.” Says Youssef.

Each player on the AllStars Digital platform functions like a ‘perpetual cash future.’ These are standard products on most crypto exchanges. Therefore, they trade just like any other financial instrument.

On the most liquid players, spreads are generally 1% and tighter. And, leverage is up to 100x, allowing traders to really maximize their stake. The AllStars Digital Sports Exchange will have more than $1.5M USD of liquidity backing every footballer and cricketer on the pitch. So, users can invest with confidence, knowing that can exit their position when needed.

Youssef also adds that traders will enjoy a high probability of monetizing their passion for their favorite team or sport. By doing the research, you can get in early on the top performers and watch your profits soar. Find the dark horse players who are ready to explode and cash in on them for a game, a season, or their entire career. Utilize the power of blockchain to connect with other traders and enthusiasts.

“This is a truly desirable product, positioned for potentially huge growth given the market space. There will naturally be competitors. Although we cannot see one today with the same IP and technology maturity. Adrix took over 2 years for some of the most driven, experienced and talented people to achieve. 

“To succeed, there needed to be the perfect combination of the technical know-how, the fascination for financial services products, the entrepreneurial flair to take the risk on innovation, the determination to push the product to main market and the stamina to see the plan through to launch and beyond… not to mention the passion for sports. AllStars is a catalyst for all of this, and it is hard to see a serious competitor emerging anytime soon. But they will come. Therefore, the time to market for AllStars Digital in 2022 is an unmissable opportunity.”

AllStars Digital expects to officially launch in the fourth quarter of this year. Interested parties can expect more details as the World Cup in Qatar approaches.


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