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TechHow mathematical computing is improving the world, according to Mathworks

How mathematical computing is improving the world, according to Mathworks

Could you give us a brief description of what MathWorks performs for those who are unfamiliar?


With its two flagship platforms, MATLAB and Simulink, MathWorks is the industry leader in developing software for mathematical computation. The programming environment MATLAB is used for the creation of algorithms, data analysis, visualisation, and numerical computing. Simulink is a block diagram environment for modeling-based simulation of embedded and multidomain engineering systems. These items are used by engineers and scientists all around the world to quicken the pace of innovation, discovery, and development in the automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, industrial automation, and other sectors.


The best colleges and educational institutions in the world use MATLAB and Simulink as essential teaching and research tools.


What developments have you noticed in terms of trends in mathematical computing?


The rising use of cloud platforms and apps by engineers and researchers is a noteworthy trend. We’re seen a significant increase in the number of cloud-first customers that want their data, tools, and platforms in the same environment, even though this has been happening with consumer apps for years.


The increased use of IoT devices is the driving force behind cloud computing. Nowadays, sensors are found almost everywhere in electronic products, not just in industrial gear. This has changed consumer expectations for device connectivity and performance. Companies modifying their goods for the IoT era may create and validate products more easily with the help of MATLAB and Simulink.


Could you provide us with any particularly intriguing usage examples for MathWorks cloud solutions?


Engineers and scientists can accelerate their development processes by using MATLAB and Simulink in the cloud, which offers on-demand access to improved compute resources, software tools, and trustworthy data storage. Companies may:


Use MATLAB Online and Simulink Online to have immediate access to MATLAB and Simulink via a web browser.
Access cloud data and other services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other providers using MATLAB code.
Scale time-consuming calculations and simulations to CPUs, GPUs, or cloud computing clusters.
Automate code testing and raise code quality by integrating MATLAB with cloud-based continuous integration platforms.

You can integrate custom MATLAB and Simulink analytics into cloud-based apps and deploy MATLAB and Simulink models without having to recode them in another language.
According to what I’ve read, MathWorks concentrated on updating its software in March in order to “reach beyond its typical scientific base and eye up autonomous vehicle makers.” The upgrades are doing this in what way?


We have experience with the automobile market because our tools have been used to develop embedded software for many years. But many forward-thinking automakers, including Toyota, Tesla, and others, have made a strong commitment to leveraging software as a key difference in their customer experience. Our flagship platforms support engineers with the integration and validation of their designs, and automated driving systems heavily rely on cloud and AI technology.


What ways does MathWorks’ advancement in clean energy technologies, climate research, and financial risk and sustainability assist combat climate change?


Electric vehicle (EV) proliferation is a crucial tool in the fight against climate change, and it’s something we support. It’s crucial to realise that EVs require more sophisticated software to regulate and control their power. Engineers can front-load EV development by methodically using data and models with MATLAB, Simulink, and Simscape. To decrease the barrier for simulation, model batteries, create battery management systems (BMS), model traction motors, create motor control units (MCU), and more, automakers can leverage pre-built reference programmes.

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