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Selena Gomez

How Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, and other stars helped her celebrate her 30th birthday

Selena Gomez had a big party for her 30th birthday. Find out about the party where the singer of “Good for You” “party[ed] with her friends all night.”


When it gets dark, the party starts.

Selena Gomez recently celebrated her 30th birthday with a huge party, and let’s just say that we can’t get enough of this amazing event. A source tells E! News that she celebrated her special day by having a “formal party” with about 50 guests at a private home.


The source said, “Everyone was in gowns and dressed up.” “There were red roses in front of the door and all over the party,”

And the red rose entrance wasn’t the only unique touch. The insider said that Selena’s party had cups that said “Selena’s 30th,” a photo booth by The Collective You, and a cake that remembered Selena’s time on the show Barney & Friends.


“Everyone wished her a happy birthday,” said the source. “She was very happy and had a great time partying with her friends all night.”

In fact, a different source told E! News that Camila Cabello was at the event. And Selena’s outfit was just right for the event. Selena wore a pink Versace dress and hoop earrings in a photo she posted to Instagram after a party. But she had other looks throughout the night. Selena’s friend Courtney Lopez also posted a few pictures of the birthday girl on Instagram. In the pictures, Selena is wearing a sequin halter dress with feathers on the inside. Who says you can’t wear more than one dress to your own party?


Selena posted a message about turning 30 on Instagram on July 25. She said that her 20s were “a journey through good, hard, and beautiful moments that I will never forget.”

“I’m moving forward with the help of all the strong, encouraging people around me. I want to do my best to take the good and the bad each day and let it all make me the best person I can be for myself, others, and you “she said. “After a few days of parties, my heart feels full and grateful, and I’m starting to like being 30.”


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