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Is your iPhone’s battery life poorer now that iOS 16 is available?

Since iOS 16’s release over a week ago, owners of iPhones have had access to a number of new features, including a revamped lock screen. However, although some users are enjoying the upgrade, others have been whining that iOS 16 is making their battery life worse. Now that the update has been installed, we want to hear how your iPhone’s battery life is holding up.


iOS 16 uses up battery life more quickly?
iOS needs some time to index all user data again when you install a system update. Depending on how much data the user has stored on the device, this procedure may take many hours or even more than a day.


The user is unaware of the reindexing process, which causes the battery to deplete more quickly than usual and causes the iPhone to get hotter. Obviously, after the reindexing procedure is finished, everything should go back to normal.


However, some of the new capabilities can actually cause your iPhone to use more power. For instance, iOS 16 has a setting that makes it possible to receive haptic feedback when typing on the virtual keyboard. The battery life of the iPhone may be impacted by this feature, according to an Apple support document.


As you type, the iPhone keyboard may emit a sound or vibrate. Find out how to modify these settings. The battery life of your iPhone may be impacted by turning on keyboard haptics.


Depending on how you use it, even the new lock screen can affect your battery life. The battery will undoubtedly deplete more quickly if you install a widget or even a wallpaper based on the Weather app, which periodically tracks your location, than if you use a lock screen without GPS access.


Another thing to bear in mind is that new iOS versions typically have more flaws in their initial releases, which are gradually fixed with smaller updates. The battery may deplete more quickly as a result of these problems.


Share with us your experience.
How is the battery life of your iPhone now that iOS 16 is installed in light of all this? Have you observed that the battery isn’t lasting as long as it once did? In the poll and comments section below, please let us know.

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