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It’s a little creepy how much the iPhone 14 is being discussed by Samsung.

Samsung has already made fun of Apple for the lack of “innovation” in the latest iPhone models before the company even revealed the iPhone 14 on Wednesday. The South Korean business is back with a new marketing campaign poking fun of Apple for not including capabilities that Samsung handsets already have now that the iPhone 14 has officially been announced to the world.


With the iPhone 14, Samsung makes jokes
Samsung shared its “reactions” to “new products launched on Wednesday” in a series of tweets, but it’s pretty obvious that the new campaign is targeted at iPhone 14 and iPhone customers even if the business makes no mention of Apple.


The topic of foldable phones, which Samsung has been promoting for some time, is mentioned in two of the tweets. With tweets such as “What the flip, Apple? ” and “What’s Apple’s hold up with the Fold? Samsung makes fun of Apple for not having a foldable phone despite having debuted its first model more than two years prior.


Samsung produced yet another camera-related joke. The new 48MP wide lens in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is the company’s first megapixel boost since the iPhone 6s camera in 2015. Samsung, however, states “48 megapixels? As Samsung’s 2020 Galaxy S20 Ultra camera had a 108-megapixel sensor, the company announced, “You’re almost there, Apple.


However, the campaign goes on. Some people have remarked that Samsung has even displayed billboards with similar gags. One of them claims that even the iPhone 14 Pro is still only capable of recording 4K video, while Galaxy smartphones have had 8K video recording capabilities for more than two years.


While some seem to find the jokes amusing, others question their effectiveness in persuading someone to move from an iPhone to a Samsung smartphone.




It has happened before.
It’s important to remember that Samsung has frequently mocked new iPhone models. Even though the firm did the same with Galaxy devices shortly after, the company produced a series of advertisements in 2016 ridiculing Apple for eliminating the headphone jack from the iPhone.


What do you think of Samsung’s most recent advertising effort? Does it persuade someone to switch from one to the other? Tell us in the comments section below.



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