October 24, 2022 | 9:38pm

Anne Heche’s ex-boyfriend, James Tupper, is continuing to fight her oldest son, Homer Laffoon, at every turn.

According to court documents obtained Monday by Page Six, James — who shared 13-year-old son Atlas Tupper with the late actress — formally opposed Laffoon’s recent request to “expand his authority” as special administrator of Heche’s estate.

James claimed that Laffoon has “broken several promises” to his half-brother by not providing him with an “inventory list and pictures of the tangible personal property” the 20-year-old told the court is still inside Heche’s apartment.

Moreover, James, 57, alleged that Laffoon “has acted in a hostile manner towards Atlas” since probate proceedings began “and has refused to communicate with him or his representatives at all.”

James insisted his son “has no confidence in Laffoon’s ability to meet his fiduciary obligations to Atlas,” pointing out that Laffoon recently asked the court for certain powers that his title as special administrator apparently already affords him.

James further argued that the aforementioned request “underscores [Laffoon’s] lack of competence and inability to preserve estate assets,” and he accused Laffoon of “wasteful and needless litigation.”

James asked the court to force Laffoon to give Atlas the requested inventory list before expanding his authority “so it can be determined whether Laffoon actually safeguards all of [Heche’s] personal property in the future and conflict can be minimized.”

Atlas and Laffoon are Heche’s only heirs.

Additionally, James requested that the bond be set at $2 million instead of the $800,000 Laffoon had asked for because “no evidence of such information has been provided to the court, James or Atlas as to what justifies” the latter amount.

James and Homer — whom Heche shared with ex-husband Coleman Laffoon — have been in a legal battle for control of her estate as well as for the title of guardian ad litem for Atlas since herAug. 12 deathfollowing afiery car crash at the age of 53.

James wasdenied guardianshipof Atlas earlier this month.