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JC Hite Covers How Business is All About Crafting and Evolving Strategies To Empower Your Team vs. Focusing On Beating The Competition

Renowned CEO for Hite, JC Hite, stated in an interview that whom you’re playing against in business is everything in terms of competition. In fact, everything is about competition. 

Take the example of Roofers in Dallas. Imagine there are 2000 roofing companies. Every roofing company says they want to be on page one at Google. Let’s say that of those 2000 roofing companies, 500 are paying the best SEO companies in the world to get them on page one. There are only ten spots on page one. That means 95% of people still cannot pay for the best of the best. 

It’s impossible for them all to be on page one, no matter how good they are. Right. This is important for us to understand and realize because it changes the context marketing isn’t black and white. One has to think about their strategy, right? 

Marketing strategies

Marketing has become a strategy more than a tactic. You need a different design depending on what you’re trying to do, and you need to get clear on that. 

Many people see digital marketing as paid ads, but companies can use other services, such as SEOs. When you talk to a digital marketer, you must have different strategies to reach the company’s goals. Many plans being archived are significantly influenced by the brand that you have and the brand awareness that you have.

Facebook ads

In terms of using Facebook ads, if your brand doesn’t make sense when potential customers click on the ad, it will not help improve marketing at all. Much stuff should be very particular to promote the company’s brand for the Facebook ads to be effective.

Consistency and budgeting

JC Hite speaks about consistency. Staying with a game plan, pushing forward, and having a high-quality product promotes a company brand and steers it to growth. Companies should work with budgets that align with their goals. Marketing should be done based on the data collected that is then used to make decisions. The less data you have, the harder it is and the longer it takes to make quality decisions. 

Choosing the right marketing company

If you’re looking for a marketing company and they tell you, ‘we are excellent at growing, and we are the best of the best, we get all of our clients through referrals.’, they’ve been in business for five years or that they are very excellent at what they do you news to ascertain that they are telling the truth to avoid hiring a marketing company that might not help you.  

One should confirm that the marketing company has contracts and check their Linked to know their network growth; for example, you see 200 full-time employees working at the organization for over four years. That means that they are doing something right there. For digital marketing, they should be growing if they’re serving their clients well. 

For more information, you can connect to JC Hite on his LinkedIn. 

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