November 16, 2022 | 9:43pm

Jenna Bush Hager and BFF Hoda Kotb still don’t know everything about one another.

During Wednesday’s episode of “Today with Hoda and Jenna,” Kotb revealed she was “surprised” to learn Bush Hager “never wears underwear.”

According to Kotb, the pair had to share a dressing room ahead of their live show that morning when she “noticed” her co-host’s affinity for going commando.

“I just had a little shock with it,” she joked, adding that the pair already know “a lot about each other.”

With her secret now revealed to millions of viewers around the country, Bush Hager defended her decision saying that “it makes a more pretty silhouette!”

Bush Hager argued that going commando gives her a “pretty silhouette.”
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“I also think you don’t have to pack as much. There’s a lot of pros to it!” she added, before scolding Kotb for exposing her in front of the live studio audience.

“You promised me you wouldn’t do this! There’s a lot of people here!” she joked. “I’m sure my mom has never been more proud.”

The two ladies went on to agree that not wearing underwear can “make life a lot easier” but does result in a lot of laundry.

Bush Hager was embarrassed that Kotb spilled her secret.
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“[Hoda] said, ‘Do you wash your clothes’ and I said, ‘Yes, I do.’ But it’s also not like I’m sharing your jeans with you,” the former first daughter argued.

“Though I do steal Savannah [Guthrie]’s pants on occasion,” she divulged, before asking if she could borrow Kotb’s “red suit.”

“I’ll wear underwear,” Bush Hager quickly added.

According to the ladies, going commando “makes life a lot easier.”


According to the ladies, going commando “makes life a lot easier.”


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When the two ladies aren’t busy talking about their choice in undergarments, they get the chance to talk to some of the most interesting people on the planet — including Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady joined Kotb and Bush Hager earlier this week to talk about her new book, “The Light We Carry,” and how her family has adjusted to life outside the White House.

In fact, Obama revealed her daughters, Sasha and Malia, have moved into a home in Los Angeles together.

The former first daughter joked that her mother must be so “proud” to hear her undergarments being discussed on television.
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“The thing that I love the most is that those two girls are each other’s best friends,” she said.

“There was a period of time when they couldn’t stand each other, and I said, ‘You wait, you are going to wake up one day and you’re going to look over at that other person, and you’re going to know that you two share something very unique,’ especially given what they’ve been through.”