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EntertainmentJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s children will ‘custom design’ their rooms in their newly renovated home.
Jennifer Lopez -Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s children will ‘custom design’ their rooms in their newly renovated home.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s children are looking forward to custom designing their own bedrooms in their newly renovated Bel Air home.


Ben Affleck, 50, and Jennifer Lopez, 53, have been married twice and are ready to start their new life together! And, according to a source, they’re going all in with their new beginning. Following their second honeymoon, the couple is assisting their children in customising their own bedrooms in their newly renovated home! According to a source close to Jennifer, they’re staying in JLo’s house and making it their own, rather than moving. “JLo and Ben looked at a lot of houses, but none of them felt like home,” a source told HL.


“They expected to walk into a place and be floored, but that didn’t happen.” The homes they saw did not provide what they desired, and despite the fact that many of them were beautiful, none of them felt right.” The source went on to say that it was Ben’s idea to renovate Jen’s current home. “It was Ben’s idea to stay in JLo’s house and remodel it because that house feels right to them,” the friend continued. “They are at ease there, as are the children.” It reminded JLo of the past, which was one of the reasons she wanted to leave in the first place. However, a new remodel and all new furniture, as well as an addition and expansion of the master bedroom to accommodate both of them, will allow them to feel as if they are starting over in their dream home.”


According to a separate source, the stunning $28 million Bel Air home is also close to Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner — which is convenient given their shared children Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10. JLo’s children with Marc Anthony, 14-year-old twins Emme and Max, round out the perfectly blended family. “The house is on 8 acres in Bel Air; it doesn’t get much better than that,” said another source. “The grounds are like a park, and their family can have complete privacy.” Jennifer Garner lives in Brentwood, which is 20 minutes away, so the location is also ideal in that regard. It makes perfect sense because everything that needs to be changed can be done during this renovation. The kids are all excited because they will be able to custom design their own rooms, making it a fun family project.”


A third source close to Jen revealed the plans, saying that privacy is important to the newlyweds as they embark on their future. “Ben and Jen both have full-time jobs, and they got tired of spending countless hours looking at other properties,” they explained EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife in new comments. “Eventually, they realised that nothing ticked all of their boxes or felt right.” Jen enjoys the privacy her Bel Air home provides, and being surrounded by nature makes it feel very cosy. There’s a lot they want to change, and some of their plans are still in the works. One of the things they’re thinking about is replacing her current Mediterranean-style decor with something more modern. They were so excited about moving into a new home that they want this remodel to truly feel like a new space for them, and they intend to change a lot of things this time around. They know the remodel will take a long time, but they have their entire lives together and are not in a hurry to move into their forever home.”



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