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John Oliver Acknowledges Kim Kardashian’s Contribution To Busting Art Fraud Scheme

Kim Kardashian received a special shoutout in a new episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight that aired on HBO and HBO Max. The comedian praised the businessman for his assistance in uncovering an art fraud scheme a few years back.


Oliver recalled, “At the Met Gala a few years ago, the year 2018.” Kim Kardashian appeared wearing Atelier Versace, particularly in gold, from head to toe.


Oliver displayed a photo of the Egyptian Nedjemankh’s coffin, which the Met museum had recently purchased. Kardashian took a photo with the golden coffin while decked out in gold, and the image quickly gained popularity on social media.


International law enforcement agencies were tipped off by an unidentified source that the coffin had been stolen and that the museum had been duped into purchasing it for $4 million. “The woman has a genuine flair for making incredible photographs just by standing next to individuals that seem like they died a long time ago,” Oliver said, expressing his admiration for Kardashian’s strength.


A picture of Oliver standing next to a Kardashians celebrity came on the screen as he reached the joke’s conclusion, making fun of himself.


The late-night program’s episode kept emphasising how merchants frequently purchase stolen art without conducting adequate due diligence. Oliver continued to poke fun at Kardashian by saying that museums couldn’t just do nothing while Kim Kardashian posed in front of one of their possessions, humiliating us in front of the world. She’s too busy revolutionising shape wear to be responsible for everything.

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