Photo Credit: Reddit

Kanye West fans have had enough of the rapper’s repeated anti-semitism. Fan pages on reddit have shut down and others are becoming spaces to appreciate Taylor Swift and educate others on the reality of the Holocaust.

Following an incendiary appearance on Alex Jones’ ‘Infowars’ show, his dedicated base of fans on the r/WestSubEver subreddit completely abandoned him. This subreddit was where Kanye’s most die-hard fans went to discuss the rapper’s descent into madness. But the moderators shut the entire thing down during the Infowars show.

“Over the past few weeks, from the Yeezy Season 9 fashion show Ye has become increasingly rampant in promoting hate and has shifted away from what this sub should represent,” the moderators of that subreddit told the community in their final post.

“Toxicity and trolling have increased a lot over the last few weeks, as well as bigotry and other behaviors that we will not tolerate. Ye’s comments in this current interview are the final nail in the coffin and there’s seemingly no turnaround in sight. As Ye continues his downward trajectory we no longer wish to be using our sub as a platform as what he is saying is hateful,” the statement continues.

“When this sub and previous subs were created, they were meant to be for following and supporting Ye in his various adventures. As of the moment there are no ventures left for Ye that aren’t openly hateful towards various groups of people. Once again, we do not condone any of the hate speech Ye and his new peers are spreading,” the statement concludes.

Meanwhile, the main r/Kanye subreddit on the platform, with more than 700,000 subscribers, shifted focus dramatically over the last couple of days. Following Kanye’s anti-semitic remarks, users began posting Taylor Swift appreciation posts. Fans began discussing how they discovered Taylor Swift and her music and which album of hers they liked best.

But the r/Kanye subreddit also began posting the realities of the Holocaust and how the Jewish community was treated. Some of these posts include grim footage of bulldozers moving bodies into graves, piles of corpses to be thrown in mass graves, and several posts about individual victims of the concentration camps perpetuated by the Nazis. Each of these posts is intended to highlight the reality of the Holocaust and why praise for Hitler is dangerous discourse.