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Lake Bell, who played Black Widow in What Ifs, appears in the new trailer for Black Panther 2.

The second full trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the MCU’s penultimate Phase 4 film, has just been released by Marvel Studios, and it appears to take the African nation to new heights as the Wakandans engage in combat with their undersea neighbours in Talocan.


The villain of Black Panther 2 has been revealed to be Tenoch Huerta’s Namor the Sub-Mariner, but there are a tonne of other new characters who will also have their day in the spotlight in the film. Lake Bell, who already has a distinctive history with Marvel Studios even though she hasn’t yet appeared on film in the MCU, is part of this group.


In 2021, Bell takes over the role of Black Widow for the animated What If…? series. A few months after Season 1 concluded, set pictures revealed that Bell was going to play an entirely different character in Black Panther 2. Fans now got their first glimpse of Bell in the MCU courtesy to the film’s second trailer, which debuted a few weeks before the film’s release.


In the trailer for Black Panther 2, Lake Bell appears.
Lake Bell was first seen in action in the second teaser for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, however her part in the follow-up hasn’t been made public yet.


Early in the teaser, viewers observe Talocan invaders searching for either Wakanda-related items or some of their resources on a massive ship in the middle of the ocean.


On the ship’s walkways, one can see members of Namor’s crew skulking as they hurry toward an unidentified foe to complete their task.


The camera then pans to a helicopter arriving on the ship as an unnamed guy played by Lake Bell leaps from the cockpit with a rifle.


Bell’s character picks up a rifle and fires a shot even though she is just briefly visible in the frame, demonstrating that she is up to the challenge.


Although this will be Bell’s first live-action appearance in the MCU, she previously took Scarlett Johansson’s place as Black Widow in the animated What If…? series.


‘Lake Bell’ to Make MCU Debut in Live-Action
Lake Bell was only seen in this new teaser once, despite set images showing just a brief glimpse of her in action. She looks to be wearing a business or agency outfit, which suggests that she may be employed by the federal government, SHIELD, or some other unidentified agency, but that information won’t be revealed until the movie’s premiere.


Given that she appears in the trailer with the Wakandans and the Talocanians, it is also unclear how significant of a role she actually plays. There are doubts about whether she is on the same ship where the infiltration occurs, and it is difficult to determine if she supports either nation or if she is a neutral third party.


With only a few weeks until the premiere of Black Panther 2, Bell will be a person to keep an eye on as more promotional material emerges. In addition to her work on What If…?, she might also appear in later outings during Phase 5, however that information won’t be revealed for a while.


On Friday, November 11, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will make its theatrical debut.

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