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Leni Olumi-Heidi Klum

Leni will attend college rather than pursue a career as a full-time model, according to mother Heidi Klum.

One of Heidi Klum’s children is going to leave the nest, or perhaps it will catwalk out.


Leni Olumi, her 18-year-old eldest child from her first marriage to Flavio Briatore, is preparing to move out and continue her school in New York, the 49-year-old model recently revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “I [am very] proud. She knows what she’s doing, the judge from America’s Got Talent said.


The 18-year-old is “very enthusiastic for that next phase in her life,” said Klum, adding that “it’s not modelling and she’s really excited for that next chapter in her life,” but she didn’t provide many specifics. “Right now, college is on top of the list,” she said.


Some people might be surprised by this because it initially appeared that Leni would take after her mother.


The 18-year-old has over 1.5 million Instagram followers already, and according to her bio, she is an ambassador for Dior and GHD (Good Hair Day). She has also appeared on the covers of publications including Hunger, which she published on Instagram at the beginning of last month.


Leni even shared the German Vogue cover with her mother back in 2020, and she celebrated the occasion on Instagram. She wrote, “So excited for my first cover!” “I had the best time working with @voguegermany; I couldn’t have imagined a better start! I appreciate your support, @heidiklum.


What a strong beginning. Since then, the adolescent has additionally graced the pages of important international publications as the German Harper’s Bazaar and the Russian Elle.


ET was told by Klum that she will be devastated to lose her firstborn child. Klum stated, “Unfortunately, she’s leaving home. Which is obviously tragic, but also shows that she has the resources to succeed. She will relocate to New York. She is familiar with New York inside and out because we filmed Project Runway there for so many years, which is where I started.


Klum continued, “I think she’s going to have a nice time, but my heart will be sad,” even if the article did not specify which university Leni will attend.


Fortunately for Heidi, the three children she shares with her ex-husband Seal—Henry, 16, Johan, 15, and Lola, 12—will remain at home.


We’ll be watching Leni in the meantime to see if she decides to pursue a modelling career like her mother.


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