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TechLike “Guitar Hero,” but with trombones, is the newest video game to be popular on the internet.
Guitar Hero

Like “Guitar Hero,” but with trombones, is the newest video game to be popular on the internet.

You’re in luck if you enjoyed “Guitar Hero” but wished it featured additional brass instruments.


Users online have taken a liking to the new rhythm game “Trombone Champ,” which adds the kind of much-needed humour to the internet that only a trombone can. Several videos showing avatars playing trombones with unrestrained enthusiasm have recently been uploaded on social media. And the game’s little creator is currently working hard to meet the high demand.

Players may “honk, blast, & toot” their virtual trombones to more than 20 tunes, including the US national anthem and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, in the game “Trombone Champ” from developer Holy Wow Studios.

Holy Wow’s creator and designer, Dan Vecchitto, told CNN Business that he started development on a full game after creating a brief prototype that online users found amusing. “I anticipated it would take around six months, but the whole procedure took four years (with many starts and pauses) from start to completion.”

The gameplay is surprisingly simple: to change the pitch, quickly slide the mouse up and down, while to play along with the song, hold down a button for the appropriate amount of time. A few jokes about the word “toot” and information about trombones throughout history are interspersed with visuals of cartoonish, meme-worthy characters playing along on trombones. “Did you know that some early trombones from the Renaissance and Baroque periods are referred to as “sackbuts”?”

The game cost $14.99 when it was published last week on Steam for PC, and a Mac version is forthcoming. But it seems to have already become a viral hit due to its comic appeal. It became a contender for game of the year “instantly,” according to the gaming website PCGamer.


Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t toot, in the words of one Steam reviewer.
Before releasing the game, Vecchitto was unsure of how players would react.

Since it’s so difficult to make the trombone sound “nice,” he remarked, “I wasn’t sure how people would react to the game.” The fact that the trombone controls are impractical and that it sounds more like a slide whistle than a trombone worried me as well.

Holy Wow is currently coping with a new problem: high demand.”
Holy Wow is currently primarily a one-person show. Furthermore, it’s not even our main job! We both have full-time employment “Thursday saw a tweet from the business. In light of recent events, it goes without saying that we intend to extend the game’s duration.

We’ll need a few weeks to organise our lives and deal with the enormous demand this game caused. Tweeted the developer. “Please wait a moment.”

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