Lizzo is both host and musical guest on ‘SNL'.

Lizzo is both host and musical guest on ‘SNL’.

In an episode that began with absurd Easter greetings from politicians and celebrities, Lizzo entered an exclusive club of recording artists picked to both host and sing.

Bowen Yang’s “A Message From the Easter Bunny” included Britney Spears, Jared Leto as Jesus Christ, Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, played by Cecily Strong, welcomed viewers with a chocolate rifle.

“I’ve been actively yelling Happy Easter!” she stated before pronouncing the celebration “a bit too LGBTQRT.”

“Easter is not homosexual. Day when male priests admire a shirtless man with fantastic muscles and want to devour him. That’s the truth,” Strong-as-Green joked.

Chris Redd resumed his role as Mayor Eric Adams, a confident Casanova who was delighted spring had arrived and the Brooklyn subway shooter was gone.

“Don’t adjust your TV, I am this attractive, you know?” he brags.

Them. We caught him. We grabbed him after 30 hours and he handed himself up. “Case closed,” the mayor said.

“Shotgun found, sexy back, violent crime increased. I’m a New Yorker. Hi, I’m Eric. “I rule!”

Kate McKinnon: A new COVID-19 increase has Dr. Anthony Fauci worried about Christmas parties.

“I’m not here to offer you additional COVID advice; I don’t believe you’ll take it,” the false Fauci added.

In her monologue, Lizzo, 33, reflected on her rags-to-riches career path.

“I tell my audience every night the same thing: I love you, you are gorgeous, and you can achieve anything. I am evidence. “I used to live in my vehicle and now I host Saturday Night Live,” she joked.

“Guess That” was presented by Kenan Thompson, and Lizzo portrayed an obstinate participant who enraged Thompson until Redd and Ego Nwodim joined him.

“You make me play even if I can’t win. She urged them on until the presenter stepped off the set.

A 2008 Interscope Records sketch saw the Black Eyed Peas writing ridiculous lyrics to “Boom Boom Pow,” “Let’s Get It Started,” and “I Gotta Feeling” with A&R representatives Lizzo and Aidy Bryant.

They eschewed clever wordplay recommended by Lizzo, instead writing songs in a stream of consciousness style by, Strong, Thompson, Redd, and Yang.

“Let’s start thinking responses to the question ‘how will tonight be?’” “Woo hoo,” “mazel tov,” and “let’s do it,” said the throng.

In the following skit, Lizzo took her first date (Mikey Day) home to her grandfather, Mr. (Chloe Fineman).

The home was full with senior men in suits and bowties who loved to party to Vengaboys’ “We Like to Party.”

Following that, Lizzo told the Please Don’t Destroy comedy group that she wasn’t scared about presenting the programme, but had other worries.

“The musical guest stuff. Two new songs? Ten minutes before the dress rehearsal, she begged Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy to compose her a “black lady anthem.”

He said, “We’re nearly ready for you and if those new songs aren’t excellent, I’m going to murder you.”

It was Lizzo who turned their sketch concept for a “horny zookeeper” into an instant smash song.

President Joe Biden’s handshake with an unseen person was mocked on “Weekend Update” last week.

“Her name is Kamala,” Colin Jost said about Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Elon Musk offered $43 million to acquire Twitter so he could remove its free speech rules,” Michael Che stated.

“White folks really like to use the n-word,” he joked.

Twitter isn’t even profitable. As the riff proceeded, Jost commented on the awful business judgement.

A Staten Island Ferry with Pete [Davidson, who was again AWOL from the show]?

The episode made fun of the non-fatal subway assault, including Frank James’ arrest at an East Village McDonalds.

This photo shows him auditioning for the job of Grimace,” Che claimed of the portly suspect, who was seen in a two-shot with the plump purple fast food symbol.

McKinnon stole the following drawing, about an ancient Egyptian orgy planning meeting, by making up with a real goat.

A prominent orchestra took a chance on Lizzo, but the conductor was surprised by her lack of decorum, as she “twerked on the bassoonist.”

In a rump-shaking performance of “Ode to Joy,” Bryant’s violinist remarked, “We produce music together, so I’ll pop this booty for Beethoven.”

Lizzo and Dismukes portrayed an affluent couple who intended to tour the globe on the value of their Beanie Baby collection.

In the end, Lizzo panicked when she learned the investment was not as profitable as the pair expected.

Lizzo began “Good As Hell” with a flute solo reminiscent of “Rapper’s Delight” before introducing herself.

“Special” was presented by the performer’s mother.

The NBC programme was set to resume on May 7 with guest presenter Benedict Cumberbatch and musical guest Arcade Fire.