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Google Messages

Looks like RCS chats will get a nice makeover from Google Messages.

I believe Google picked up my call.


What you must understand
Google Messages now features a new direct reply option.
To reply to a specific message, users can hold or swipe the message. Users who tap the preview are taken to the original text.
Although some people have already received it on their smartphones, the feature doesn’t seem to be broadly accessible.
Due in large part to RCS, which provides some great functionality when texting with Android users, Google Messages is a fantastic tool for Android users. There are a few things we’d like to see added to Google Message, but the app isn’t flawless. Fortunately, Google is still working to improve the app, and it appears that a useful addition is in the works that might make chats a little easier.


Google is reportedly working on giving the option to directly reply to individual messages, according to an APK analysis by 9to5Google. Long-pressing a message from another RCS user would display a new icon with the choice to reply to that message directly, just like it does in other messaging apps. With the option to cancel, the choice can also be activated by swiping to the side.


The response is sent with the quoted text and is shown to the recipient as such by the feature. If you need more context, tapping the preview will take you to the original text.


According to 9to5, this feature appears to be rather developed because replies also show up in the Google Messages online app (they even show it working on the web). Some Reddit users have even reported seeing the functionality start to show up on their devices. One individual in particular stood out for claiming they weren’t using Google Messages’ beta version, which may indicate a rollout is already in progress.


Even though it isn’t a particularly innovative feature (hell, iMessage can do that too), it moves Google Messages one step closer to becoming a more feature-rich chat software. I was also hoping for it to appear in Google Messages, so I’m happy to see that it appears to be rolling out to users.


However, no notification regarding the availability of such a feature has been made, thus it may still be some time before a full rollout.

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