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EntertainmentMeghan Markle issued new warning by her sister Samantha
Meghan Markle-Samantha

Meghan Markle issued new warning by her sister Samantha

Samantha Markle has fired back at her half-sister Meghan Markle, claiming that their father “paid for everything” in response to criticism of the Duchess’ new podcast.


The Duchess of Sussex discussed her time at Immaculate Heart High School in a recently released podcast, but she did not mention her father.


Samantha Markle, who recently spoke with GB News host Dan Wootton, slammed Prince Harry’s wife, claiming she failed to mention that their father “paid for everything,” including school fees.


“She did bring up the fact that she went to Immaculate Heart,” Samantha added.


She went on to say that the Duchess discussed how “the nuns at Immaculate Heart empowered them to be independent women.” But, hold on a second, who paid for Immaculate Heart?


“It was all my father’s fault.”


“Let’s face it, we are not in a vacuum,” Samantha added, reminding the Duchess of her old days. Others assist us along the way, support us, love us, lift us up, and pay for everything that gives us a platform.”


“This was our father,” she said, especially in this case. Samantha also described Meghan Markle’s podcast as “seductive.”

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