MEMAG raises $1.4 million in presale as Stage 3 is Set to End Early – Buy Now!

MEMAG raises $1.4 million in presale as Stage 3 is Set to End Early – Buy Now!

Learn more about MEMAG, the new rising star, and two other crypto opportunities that can double your investment – RIA and TARO!

Gaming cryptos have become very popular, as hundreds of projects are popping up. To choose the best gaming cryptosyou should search for engaging games with high potential to multiply the number of players fast and increase your investment shortly. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) meets all those requirements. It just raised a million, much faster than it was expected, and started stage 3!

Along with MEMAG, you should consider Skull (RIA), and RobotEra (BREAD)the most potential gaming cryptos this year. Let’s show you what you should consider your best investment this year!

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Meta Masters Guild MEMAG

Players will be pleased with many new games in the future. As online gaming has become popular, players do not play only one game at a time. They would like to have all contests in one place and play from any device. For that reason, the future of gaming will be gaming guilds, where all games are in one place.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is one of the largest mobile-focused Web3 gaming guilds in Web3 that power all great games in one ecosystem. The currency is at presale stage 3. The key is a good organization and the many opportunities it offers.

Collect NFTs and earn

You can choose one of the great and popular games like Raid NFT, Meta Kart Racers, and Meta Masters World. The company built a mobile gaming platform based on the P2E principle. Its native token is called MEMAG, and you should buy them while the price is at the lowest level. It runs the second presale phase, so the moment to invest in this excellent crypto opportunity is now!

Once you buy MEMAG tokens, you can purchase NFTs and upgrade them over time. NFTs gamers can use in-game to boost their stats. You can also create your own NFTs and trade them in-game. Creators promise much fun using this platform, so you should start playing now!

MEMAG will give you a lot of opportunities to have fun!

Although Meta Masters Guild launched in January 2023, it has raised over $1 million so far! We consider it a new rising star in the crypto sky that you should watch in days to come.

Meta Masters Guild is the first mobile game for the blockchain, focused on fun games and long-term sustainability. The platform will group a range of mobile games linked to MEMAG tokens, so other developers can build their platforms and become part of the ecosystem.

There is a minimal supply of just 1 billion MEMAG. Players will receive tokens as rewards for winning games and completing tasks. There are many reasons to consider MEMAG a new, most promising crypto with the potential to multiply your money. You should hurry up, though, as stage three is set to end early!

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Skull (RIA)

Gaming card games are top-rated but have become even more popular in online gaming. With Skullsyou can play an excellent card game, battle with other players online, create your avatar as NFT and earn by selling them.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new crypto battle card game that leverages blockchain, NFT, and P2E elements. Before each battle, the players stake a certain number of tokens, which will go to the winners after players finish the game. There will be rarer NFTs that are more expensive, but they don’t determine the winner. The only thing that helps you to win is an excellent strategy.

Developers provided demo videos and trailers, and we saw that the game is fascinating with the potential to interest many players. The free version has great potential; beginners can try this game without investing real money.

Calvaria (RIA) offers multiple ways to earn, offering an attractive card game with many great additions. Since the card collection is limited, it will fetch a higher price and unique card upgrades. It is for sure that the game will significantly impact the cost of RIA tokens and increase both short and long-term value.

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RobotEra (BREAD)

Creating in the metaverse has become highly popular and will be even more. One in five people will use metaverse for the job in the future, and some brands have set up new metaverse-related jobs. It will be helpful to start practicing designing on this platform. Now you can do it while having fun through the exciting game.

RobotEra (TARO) is a metaverse-based game where players create an imagined planet Taro and their avatars. The planet is devastated after the war between locals and robots, so players should create a new world. It will be exciting to see how you can make your version of the theater, opera, parks, and schools. The game has a high potential to double your investment quickly, so do not wait any longer; buy one of these tokens and start a new era on planet Taro!

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Will Bitcoin go up?

While looking for new investing models, we should consider Bitcoin as one of the stabilizers in the crypto market. The price of this currency significantly affects the market, as its drop in value caused the crypto crash last year. Now, the price jumped over $20.000, and its value is slowly rising.

It is difficult to predict the value of the currency, though. Bitcoin already had terrible periods, 2013 and 2018, when the whole crypto market plunged into “crypto winter.” However, December 2020 brought a return of Bitcoin, affecting an all-time high with a historical level of $64,799. We are hoping it will happen this time also when the consequences of the last-year crypto crash are gone.


Meta Masters Guild is the new Web3 game guild that will gather all exciting games in one place. Calvaria is based on the traditional online card game but with more exciting options and offers. On the other hand, RobotEra will allow you to create and design in the metaverse, enjoying a completely new gaming experience. Investing in one of them could be one of your wisest decisions this year, so hurry up and buy tokens because they are at a low price!

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