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Miami University of Ohio is the place where future engineers and computer scientists learn the secrets of success.

Lam Ha loved playing video games as a child and the concept of working with computers so much that he would assist his father in repairing them back in Vietnam. It ultimately resulted in him enrolling in the College of Engineering and Computing at Miami University of Ohio (CEC).


Students participate in research to put their theory to the test in this instance. Ha, a senior majoring in computer engineering, spent the summer working in a lab with researchers Bryan Van Scoy and Peter Jamieson to investigate robot characterization.


“I used a wheeled robot system that was already created for a senior design project the year before. I created a mechanism to track its position and map it onto a 2D coordinate system using an overhead camera, claims Ha.


I successfully collected over 1,000 data entries using that approach to conduct two tests in which I recorded the robot’s behaviours in response to various orders under various circumstances.


Barbara Tsitey, a Ghanaian computer science major, was equally as wise. To characterise two sensors, infrared and ultrasonic, she collaborated with Dr. Jamieson on an open-source electrical platform.


They are about to graduate from Miami University of Ohio with a CEC degree, making them future professionals who are prepared for the workplace and to make the world a better place.


That is the effect of the engaged learning strategy used by CEC. Here, 2,800 students work with academic members who encourage, motivate, and challenge them to pursue their own paths through supported research projects. These committed mentors assist students with a variety of activities, including pursuing patents, writing grant proposals for the Undergraduate Research Award Program, and publishing academic articles.


Since the faculty is home to departments with a concentration on different engineering and computing fields, CEC keeps creating new programmes to satisfy market demands. Consider the Robotics Engineering programme. Electrical, computer, mechanical, and computer science principles are taught to students.


Not only that. Beyond writing academic papers and receiving honours, CEC students accomplish more. Through research opportunities, they collaborate closely with top instructors in cutting-edge labs to develop ground-breaking solutions for anything from software to GPS, chemical reactions, and the electrical grid.


Students like Tsitey and Ha are learning technical skills in small classrooms with a 17:1 student-faculty ratio in order to advance societies, speed up the social advantages of technology innovation, and comprehend how to reinvent ourselves in a quickly changing environment.


By having access to local business titans like P&G, GE Aviation, and the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, kids are gaining the skills necessary to transfer into the working world with ease. In other words, they are becoming ready to succeed in the corporate world, specialised firms, and other fields.


Miami University of Ohio’s contributing element
The institution is situated in Oxford, Ohio, which is within the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area, which is home to the headquarters of several Fortune 500 firms. This location makes it the ideal hub for CEC students to find their purpose, make connections, and get ready for a career of success.


Reputable employers are interested in CEC alumni for good reasons. The university’s engineering programme is ranked second among national public (non-doctoral) universities in the US. According to US News & World Report, the university is one of the top 50 national public universities.


It comes as no surprise that CEC has a strong track record of graduating students. With an average beginning income of US$69,264, graduates may be found at organisations like Amazon, Boeing, and Google as well as in the best graduate programmes in the nation.


You can choose from a wide range of undergraduate pathways, such as majors in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, engineering management, software engineering, robotics engineering, manufacturing engineering, and biomedical engineering.


Computer science, chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical engineering all offer Master of Science degrees for graduate students.


Are you prepared to begin your path to mastering engineering and computer science? To learn how you may do precisely that at Miami University of Ohio, click here.

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