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Model Iskra Lawrence reveals her go-to cosmetics and style picks for every day.

Model Iskra Lawrence reveals her go-to cosmetics and style picks for every day.

In the wee hours of the morning, do you ever wonder what your favourite celebs purchase while they’re perusing their favourite boutique? To help you shop like a star, we’ve asked your favourite celebrities to share their go-to fashion and cosmetics picks.

Working with some of the most talented beauty professionals in the industry has helped Iskra Lawrence become a better model.

As a result, it’s no wonder that Saltair, her sustainable skincare line, which sells body wash and lotion in a variety of smells, sold out almost immediately after its debut earlier this year. (Thankfully, it has now been replenished.)

In addition, the 31-year-old has pared down her daily regimen to concentrate on things that really work.

“Before I had a kid, it was a choice to be low-maintenance; now, it’s simply survival,” she previously said to Page Six Style. When it comes to getting dressed, “the faster and simpler I can do it, the better.”

She’s compiled a list of her favourite cosmetics and fashion products below.


The Face Reality Daily Lotion SPF 30

“I don’t spend a day without putting my Face Reality SPF 30.” In addition to being light and hydrating, the tube is tiny enough to fit in my luggage and be reapplied during the day.”

Santal Bloom Body Wash by Saltair
“In my shower, my Saltair Serum Body Wash delivers a spa-like sensory experience. Makes my skin feel nourished while also smelling fantastic! I’m thrilled that everyone is enjoying our new lotion, which I use both in the morning and at night since it’s important to take care of your whole body.

Rugged Utility Jumpsuit

As a new fan of jumpsuits, I can’t get enough.” Specific to Rivet Utility jumpsuits is the point. Making an outfit doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s a one-and-done deal. I’m also a fan of the pockets and the casual but stylish fit! ”

AHA Exfoliating Liquid by Beauty Acid Phase

When it comes to the quality of their goods, Make is one of my favourite brands, both visually and functionally. Acid Phase AHA Exfoliating Liquid is just as effective as a light peel, therefore I use it a few times a week. New and improved skin texture: “It’s brighter and smoother than ever before.”

Low-Top Sneakers from Avre Energee

Wearing Avre shoes has become a daily habit for me. Additionally, they are eco-friendly and made by women, making them a great addition to any wardrobe. It’s great to be able to assist other female-owned businesses.”

Cleansing Balm with Purple Ginseng from Naturism

You can’t go wrong with double cleaning as a part of your daily skincare regiment.” No matter how many oil cleansers I use, none of them removes my makeup without leaving a greasy film on my skin. Cleansing my face with Naturium’s ginseng cleanser was a breeze; it was mild yet effective, and it left my skin feeling smooth without being oily. ”

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