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Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts was told her acting career would end once she ‘became unf—able’ at 40: ‘ It enraged me greatly.

In her two decades of performing, Watts has gotten two Oscar nominations.


Naomi Watts is talking about early encounters she had in Hollywood two decades ago that shocked her as a budding actor.


The actress, who at the age of 33 won her breakthrough part in the 2001 film “Mulholland Drive,” claimed that at the time, her age was seen as “old” in Hollywood.


“I was told, ‘You better get a lot done because it’s all over at 40 when you become unf—able,'” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I then ask, “What?” What precisely does that mean? Then you reflect about it and say, “Oh, right.” When those organs stop working and you are no longer able to reproduce, you are no longer desirable as a job candidate. I was simply so enraged by that.”


Watts will star in the upcoming Netflix stalker thriller “The Watcher” more than 20 years later, with two Oscar nominations, among other accolades.



The actress was very open about what she thinks the entertainment sector can do to help women deal with ageing organically.


“It’s such a difficult subject because, from day one, we begin our ageing process,” Watts explained. “Women are expected to do it more often than males, so it’s something we all need to get used to. Rarely do we discuss a man becoming older. We avoid discussing his grey hair. In fact, if we do, people would say things like, “Oh, he grows more gorgeous, more appealing, and more powerful.” But why is he powerful? as a result of his experiences. For women, it ought to be the same. At this age, we’ve also had significant and strong experiences, which we should be proud of.”

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