New Apple Leak Adds To iPhone 15 Price Fears

New Apple Leak Adds To iPhone 15 Price Fears

Apple leaks claim that iPhone 15 Pro models are getting more expensiveand now a new leak breaking down iPhone 14 sales data may explain why.

According to display analyst Ross Young, iPhone 14 sales are falling behind the iPhone 13. Apple confirmed this in its Q4 earnings callciting supply chain constraints, but Young revealed something altogether more shocking: iPhone 14 Plus sales have collapsed. And this adds considerable weight to multiple leaks claiming Apple will shake up iPhone 15 pricing to fix this.

Early iPhone 15 Ultra concept shows flat rather than curved edges


Young, highly respected for his near-perfect track record, broke down display shipments for all iPhone 14 models in a graph (below).

It shows Apple procuring a roughly equal number of displays for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models ahead of their release in August. By October, iPhone 14 Plus orders had halved before dropping a further 80% in November, with orders stopping completely in December and January.

iPhone 14 supply chain data shows iPhone 14 Plus sales collapsing

Ross Young

Perhaps even more worrying is when Apple finally resumed iPhone 14 Plus display orders in February, they remained a small fraction of other iPhone 14 models. Showing no momentum at all around the phone, despite heavy marketing. It is also noticeable that orders for the entry-level iPhone 14 have fallen well behind the more expensive Pro models.

Leakers expect Apple to address this by widening the price gap between iPhone 15 standard and Pro models. While one leaker claims this will be by lowering prices for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plusmultiple sources say the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (possibly rebranded ‘Ultra’) will be up to $200 more expensive.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra concept based on early leaks


Apple prides itself on maintaining the industry’s highest profit margins, so the latter feels more likely. Especially with skyrocketing iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max demand, which suggests buyers will accept price hikes.

Standard iPhone models are easier to produce since they use a number of older components (chipset, display, camera, among others), making them a critical part of Apple’s sales strategy. The company will also want to maintain their desirability because they are an extra point for many to Apple’s software and services.

iPhone 15 leaks also show significant upgrades coming to standard models in the autumn. That said, the move still represents a gamble following widespread international price rises over the last year.

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