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TechNext week, Arc 3.0 will be released for Destiny 2, offering Hunters a new Super and Titans a dash.

Next week, Arc 3.0 will be released for Destiny 2, offering Hunters a new Super and Titans a dash.

Here are all the verbs and aspects included in Arc 3.0.


The Arc 3.0 update for Destiny 2 will bring the last Light subclass update after months of anticipation. On Wednesday morning, Bungie announced the new subtype in a blog post on its website, but it provided no footage. (Players will have to wait until the Destiny 2 Showcase on August 23 to see Arc 3.0 in action.)


Arc’s new iteration emphasizes mobility and keeping adversaries within arm’s reach. Arc 3.0 also includes new effects (which Bungie refers to as “verbs”), Aspects, and Fragments so that players can tailor their arsenal to suit this new play style.

Let’s examine the newest additions.


The greatest and most significant verb in Arc 3.0 is “amplified,” mostly because you don’t need to have an Aspect or Fragment equipped to utilize it. Each Arc 3.0 class has the inherent ability to be amplified, and anyone can do so by merely obtaining many Arc ability kills. (Amplified can also be activated using aspects and fragments.)


You’ll move more quickly and have more control over your weaponry once Amplified. Additionally, you will be able to glide a lot farther than usual. While amplified, sprinting for a brief period of time will increase your speed significantly, improve your sliding, and increase your damage resistance only in PvE.


You should also be familiar with the phrases blind, jolt, and ionic traces with Arc 3.0. Blind and Jolt, in contrast to Amplified, only affect your adversaries. Ionic Traces are in the middle; they come from foes or their abilities and help you.

In PvE, Blind functions similarly to Void’s Suppress. Enemies that have become blind will be unable to see you or utilize their weapons. It will give opposing players a flashbang effect in PvP.

In a sense, jolting an enemy primes them with electricity. Damage from subsequent hits on a Jolted target will cause neighboring targets to experience damaging chain lightning effects.

Ionic Traces, which are presently exclusively accessible to Arc Warlocks, will function just as they have since Forsaken, but they will also be accessible to Hunters and Titans. In certain situations, enemies leave behind Ionic Traces that can be picked up to give you ability energy.


With Arc 3.0, hunters are enjoying the most popularity.

In addition to being able to block and deflect with their Arc Staff Super, Hunters will also once again have access to the Blink teleportation feature for the first time since the original Destiny. And Arc Hunters are finally receiving an alternative Super called Gathering Storm after receiving a harsh deal with the subclass additions in Forsaken.


Hunters leap into the air and hurl their Arc Staff like a spear after casting Gathering Storm. The staff does initial area damage and can embed itself into the ground or into foes. A lightning strike will hit the staff soon after it is implanted, overcharging it and causing a brief area of harm.


Three arc aspects are available to hunters to help them alter how they play:

Killing a jolted enemy amplifies you in the flow state. You get a longer reload time, quicker dodge recharge, and damage resistance when amplified.
Tempest Strike: When you slide while meleeing, a wave of lightning is sent out into the ground that damages and jolts foes.
Lethal Current: Dodging increases the reach of your subsequent melee strike, which jolts enemies and produces a lightning aftershock. Your Arc Staff Super is improved by Lethal Current and now hits twice. A Jolted adversary is additionally Blinded if they are struck by melee.

Updates for Warlock
With Arc 3.0, warlocks are altering the least.

Both Chaos Reach and Stormtrance are returned, albeit the latter will incorporate teleportation and the Landfall trees. Additionally, warlocks will continue to use their two unique arc melee attacks. The first is a lightning bolt they can shoot at potential adversary targets. The second is a chain lightning power that will weave a web of lightning around adversaries and zap them.


When contrasted to other classes, Warlocks have an additional interaction with the Amplified buff. Several Warlock abilities have altered functionality while amplified. For instance, the chain lightning melee will strike more targets than the ball lightning melee, which will only strike three times.


Three Arc 3.0 Aspects will be given to warlocks:

Casting a rift will produce an Arc Soul that will help you. Each ally who enters your rift will also receive an Arc Soul. Your Arc Soul fires more quickly when it is amplified. When allies are close by, your Rift recharges more quickly.
Lightning Surge: While sliding, activate your melee attack to turn into a ball of lightning that teleports you forward and shocks nearby foes.
Ionic Traces are produced when targets are killed while being arc-debuffed or when foes are killed. Additionally, collecting ionic traces amplifies you.

Updates for Titan
With Arc 3.0, Titans will receive a number of significant upgrades. Thundercrash (which has not changed from its present version) and Fist of Havoc are the two Titan Supers that are making a comeback. Fist of Havoc in Arc 3.0 will combine the greatest elements of both of its prior skill trees, including an airborne AoE and a lingering damage area.

The Thruster class skill for Titans is the most notable addition, albeit, like Hunter Dodge, it can only be used when on the ground. This distinguishes it from the original Destiny’s Twilight Garrison Exotic, which called for players to be in the air and was an armor piece Bungie vowed would never be brought back, leading to some fans criticizing the developers on Twitter. Players will be able to use Thruster as an evade by casting it to boost themselves in a specific direction.


Titans will now get a third melee attack option, Thunderclap, in addition to the previous two Arc melee strikes, Seismic Strike and Ballistic Slam. Titans can charge an attack with Thunderclap by holding the melee button while they are stationary and on the ground. In comparison to how long the Titan’s opponent charged the attack, letting the button go will do a lot of damage to them. This strike can quickly eliminate a rival Guardian in the Crucible if it is charged for a long enough period of time.


The Titans will also receive three Arc 3.0 Aspects, just like the other classes:

Depending on the type of arc grenade, Touch of Thunder improves them. Enemies can also be blinded by flashbang grenades after their initial bounce. The damage output of pulse grenades will gradually grow while an ionic trace is produced. A second charge is added to lightning grenades, which jolt their victim. A movable cloud that is made by storm grenades will track and zap adversaries.

Juggernaut: You acquire a frontal shield that blocks damage when you sprint while your class ability is fully charged; this shield is more potent if you’re amplified. With enough damage, enemies can breach the shield, which depletes the energy for your class abilities.
A melee kill will cause health restoration and knock you out, amplifying you. Increases in melee range and damage occur when an enemy’s shield is broken or they are badly wounded. Your melee attacks will also count as dealing arc damage if you are knocked out.

In addition, four of the Fragments for Arc 3.0 were shown off by Bungie. There will be a lot more fragments in-game, but Bungie won’t reveal what they are all.

Spark of Beacons: Arc special weapon kills with Amplified status cause a Blinding explosion.
Spark of Resistance: You have more damage resistance while you’re surrounded.
Spark of Momentum: You can reload your weapon and acquire melee energy by gliding over ammunition. When you slide over the heavier ammunition, you’ll receive even more energy.
Your arc grenades will jolt foes when you use Spark of Shock.
After the Destiny 2 Showcase on August 23, Arc 3.0 will appear along with Destiny 2 season 18.


Update: Bungie revised its article to make it clear that the Titan must be on the ground in order to use its new Thruster ability, as opposed to being in the air. This sets it apart from the Twilight Garrison Exotic from the first Destiny substantially.

The language surrounding Thruster has been modified in this article’s section on Titan updates.

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