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CryptoNFT: Not Getting Over $6,800 for Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet
Not Getting Over $6,800 for Jack Dorsey's First Tweet

NFT: Not Getting Over $6,800 for Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet

It was sold to Sina Estavi for USD 2.9 million last year. Very few people want to buy former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet’s NFT. In an attempt to resell the NFT of Dorsey’s first tweet ‘Just setting up my twttr’, the reaction has been so lukewarm that the highest price so far is just USD 6,800 (about Rs 5.2 lakh).

Seller, crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi, sought USD 48 million. There were bids ranging from 0.0019 Ether (about $6) to 2.2 ETH (around $6,800) in the auction which ends tomorrow. Estavi paid $2.9 million for Dorsey’s first tweet in March 2021.

NFTs are non-fungible data units that may be sold and exchanged on a blockchain. NFTs may be created using photographs, videos, music, text, and even tweets! Fans of a certain player or club may collect and exchange NFTs.

“My asking price was high and not everyone could afford it “I’m not sure I’ll sell it,” Estavi told Reuters. No one deserves this NFT, hence I won’t sell it to anybody.”


Estavi likened NFT to Mona Lisa. The digital Mona Lisa, this NFT is not a tweet.”

“Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet NFT: March 2021- Bought for USD 2.9 million,” claimed social media expert and analyst Matt Navarra Sale at USD 48 million in April 2022. Today’s Best Offer is USD 6,222.36.”


For his Africa Response Program, Dorsey gave the whole selling proceeds of his NFT in Bitcoin.

The world’s first tweet was sold on April 7th, with 50% of the earnings going to @GiveDirectly.”


“Last year, when I paid for this NFT, few people even knew it existed. I now call this NFT the digital Mona Lisa. That’s the only one and it’s unique “Estavi said in the BBC story.

Dorsey’s short tweet was auctioned off to Estavi in March 2022 on the US-based business Cent’s online platform Valuables.

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