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Despite receiving rave reviews from critics, comedian Billy Eichner’s movie Bros has been a highly recognised flop. Eichner is attempting to reassign responsibility for the movie’s failure for the second time since it was released. He makes reference to homophobia this time.


Because somebody has to take the responsibility, right?

Eichner criticised straight people for the gay rom-weak com’s debut weekend after the film’s opening weekend.


Eichner discussed the movie at the New Yorker Festival last week, and despite admitting that viewers’ preference for streaming may have contributed to the film’s underwhelming box office result, he continues to blame homophobia.


He asserted that homophobia is a more serious issue than how it relates to this ridiculous rom-com. “However, do I believe it’s a factor? Yes, I believe that was a factor in some areas of the nation, he replied.


However, we didn’t really make the movie for homophobes in any case, to be honest. This is a gay rom-com that is classified R. It was never the intention of the film to try to persuade those who dislike homosexual people that we are normal, sweet, and cuddly, and that we can be loved.


Not homophobia, but the fact that most people can’t relate to it or aren’t interested in it, is what kept people from seeing Bros.


Ironically, he made it for that very reason, which is ironic.


Everyone talks about representation in culture, but the problem is that underrepresented groups can’t see themselves in the movies, novels, and TV episodes that are being produced on a regular basis. This is why people didn’t go to Bros, which is also why Eichner made it.


Okay, that’s reasonable.


So why is it a surprise that the great majority of people are uninterested in a movie that is meant to hold a mirror to a small portion of the population?


It would be comparable to Eichner producing a cricket-themed film and then wondering why no one in the US went to watch it.


No one here enjoys cricket, dude. Not our bag, that is.


For so long, ultra-liberal Hollywood studios refrained from producing a homosexual rom-com a la The Bros. It is fundamentally devoid of the broad appeal they seek in initiatives.


But shouldn’t moviegoers show up to see a movie that has received critical acclaim?


But they aren’t, and I believe it’s because people can see that the reviews aren’t quite right.


Hollywood’s phoniness hurt the brothers right away.
Billy Eichner is a hilarious guy. That is beyond discussion. He used to produce amazing remotes for Conan.


Therefore, there is no question that the man could direct a witty film.


I’m astonished that this movie is receiving such “rave” reviews yet that no one is going to watch it. The Richter scale of the movie industry, Rotten Tomatoes, gives Bros an 89% rating from critics and viewers. That’s a good performance.


If reviewers are being sincere, which, based on their prior performance, they most likely weren’t.


Maybe it is that wonderful, but in my opinion most critics and viewers wouldn’t dare give the film a terrible review out of concern that they would be associated with homophobia by someone like Billy Eichner.


Because of this, most critics included Bros on their lists of the top films of the year before the Universal globe had even left the screen.


You have to play the game if you want to keep your job reviewing films. I believe the typical moviegoer has realised this. Due to this, no one is speaking. Hey, let’s visit Brothers. Because people are aware of this, I can say, “It has excellent evaluations.


It has reached the point where everything that repeats progressive talking lines is given a lot of praise.


So, to make a long tale short, this is Bros’ issue.


Billy Eichner can blame homophobia all he wants for the failure of his film, but the truth is that Bros was bound to failure from the moment it was approved due to decades of progressive beliefs being beaten into people’s heads, even allegedly movie executives.

Garrett Atkins

Garrett Atkins is a Journalist at Flaunt Weekly.

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