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Nreal launches their Air AR glasses in the US and now offers support for iOS.

The Air augmented reality glasses from Nreal are now compatible with iOS after their US release.


Since May, the company’s Nreal Air glasses have been marketed in the UK. When the glasses first came out, they could mirror laptop screens and supported Android, but users of the Apple ecosystem were shut out of the augmented reality party.


For its US launch, Nreal is distributing a new adaptor that supports iOS device mirroring. While iOS users are restricted to screen mirroring, Android users will still have access to the full experience thanks to Nebula, a launcher that lets software to run natively on the glasses.


The Nebula launcher is also being released for macOS, but only on Macs with M-series processors. This version enables you to project numerous displays surrounding your laptop if you so choose.


The best way to use AR glasses is still to stream content. The glasses allow the wearer to experience sitting in front of a private large-screen TV while travelling, especially on a plane, as opposed to having to rely on whatever programming is available on the little back-of-headrest devices (where available).


Due of the AR glasses’ projection technology, the wearer can still see anything else around them. This makes it easier to maintain situational awareness while the food cart passes by.


When streaming continually using the Air Casting feature, Nreal anticipates that the glasses will last for five hours. That costs twice as much and is 25% lighter than the more expensive Nreal Light spectacles.


The tradeoffs from the Light to the Air include the lack of front-facing cameras and computer vision, as well as the reduction of spatial movement from six to three degrees of freedom (DOF).


Additionally, the business bragged that the Nreal Air is the only XR device to have received the Blue Light Blocking, Flicker Free, and Eye Comfort certifications from TUV Rheinland.


The price of Nreal Air on Amazon is $379 as of right now. The iOS adaptor costs $59 when purchased separately.

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