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Official Announcement of Logitech’s $350 Gaming Handheld, Plays Halo Infinite And More

I present to you the Logitech G Cloud.


In response to rumours and leaks, Logitech has formally unveiled the Logitech G Cloud gadget, which works with Xbox Cloud Gaming from Microsoft. As a result, you can stream Halo Infinite, Grounded, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 5 to your mobile and play them while you’re on the go. Nvidia GeForce Now is also supported by it.


The battery life, which Logitech calls “excellent,” “precise” controls, and 1080p screen are all features of the gadget. Logitech stated that it will operate for around 12 hours on a charge. It is 463 grammes heavy.


The Logitech G Cloud will be available to buy in North America at LogitechG.com, Best Buy, and Amazon for $350. The device is currently on sale for $50 off to everyone who preorders, bringing the price down to $300.


Tencent and Logitech worked together to create the Logitech G Cloud. As previously indicated, it works with Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Users can also stream video games from an Xbox console or an Xbox app. In addition to downloading remote play apps, video streaming apps, and other apps from the Google Play Store, games can also be streamed to the device via Valve’s Steam Link.


The Logitech G Cloud, like all Logitech G products, is “carbon neutral,” according to Logitech. The packaging is additionally created from “managed sources” and FSC-certified trees.

G Cloud by Logitech Official Description
Author: Logitech

Play comfortably all day long thanks to the device’s 12+ hour battery life and light weight of only 463g.
Full HD – The substantial 7-inch full 1080p HD touchscreen has a 60Hz refresh rate and an exclusive to handhelds full-screen 16:9 gaming experience.
Precision Gaming Controls – With haptics, gyroscope, and remappable controls, performance and feedback match the greatest controllers.
Sustainability – Thanks to Logitech’s involvement in carbon offsetting and removal programmes, all G products are certified carbon neutral, reducing their carbon footprint to zero. Paper from FSC-certified forests and other regulated sources is also used in the product’s packaging.
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