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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde responds to a rumour As a result of Harry Styles’ spitting on Chris Pine in Venice, “people will seek drama.”

Wilde discussed the controversy surrounding “Don’t Worry, Darling,” namely the Shia LaBeouf termination rumour.


During a late-night TV appearance, Olivia Wilde addressed all the controversy surrounding her movie “Don’t Worry Darling.”


Speaking to Stephen Colbert, Wilde affirmed that Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine at the Venice Film Festival in the first week of September. After a video of Styles walking to his seat went viral online, there was what Wilde called “Spit-Gate.” The singer of “Watermelon Sugar” appeared to spit on Pine in the video.


But according to Wilde, it never happened.

You may have heard about Spit-Gate, another of our strange rumours, which is I believe. Wilde started speaking before Colbert cut her off.




“Chris Pine, did Harry Styles spit on him? If not, why not? Back up your response, “A note card was read by the comedian.


No, the director insisted, he did not. “However, I believe it is a prime illustration of the fact that drama can be found almost anywhere. Chris was not spit on by Harry, in actuality “She spoke up before Colbert interrupted her once more.


He joked, “Only time will tell.”

“No, he didn’t, truly!” Wilde reaffirmed.


After the video went viral, a Pine official vehemently denied that any spitting had taken place.


“This is an absurd tale.

a complete fiction and the outcome of a strange web illusion that is obviously deceptive and permits irrational speculation, “Fox News Digital was informed at the time by Pine’s attorney. Just to be clear, Chris Pine was not spit on by Harry Styles.


The representative continued, “There is only respect between these two individuals, and any suggestion otherwise is a shameless attempt to generate drama that simply does not exist.




Despite the heated circumstances surrounding the movie practically since its start more than two years ago, what many thought to be Styles spitting at Pine as he took his seat inside the theatre was only an illusion.


Wilde also addressed the controversy surrounding Shia LaBeouf’s long-ago departure from the movie, which he was originally slated to star in. In an interview with Variety, Wilde alleged that the “Transformers” actor had been let go. But after the interview was published, LaBeouf publicly announced that he had left “Don’t Worry Darling.”


“As the director, I made an early attempt to mediate a conflict between two parties in order to see whether they could collaborate amicably. I was given a deadline when it became evident that the working arrangement was untenable, and I chose my actress, which I’m extremely glad I did “Colbert heard from Wilde.


“Was I disappointed at the time that we couldn’t make it work? Sure. Did new information about him emerge afterwards that gave me reassurance that we made the right choice? Absolutely.”


LaBeouf either resigned or was fired, although Wilde didn’t appear to want to say either outright.


“Shia had to be replaced. Despite the fact that he is a wonderful actor, it didn’t work “She went on to explain. “When he gave me the choice between him or Florence, I selected Florence, which gave him the impression that he was leaving and gave me the impression that we were continuing without him.”


It’s a semantics issue, she continued. “… It wasn’t going to move forward in the way that he wanted it to, and so he had to leave.”

Styles was given LaBeouf’s part.

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