On CRM: 27 Ways To Use ChatGPT In Your Business Right Now

On CRM: 27 Ways To Use ChatGPT In Your Business Right Now

BRAZIL – 2023/01/30: In this photo illustration, the ChatGPT (OpenAI) logo is displayed on a … [+] smartphone screen. (Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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You’ve heard a lot of noise about ChatGPT, the conversational AI chatbot from OpenAI. There’s a free and paid version of the application and companies like Microsoft are investing billions to use the technology in future versions of its products – both CRM and Office. But that’s the future. What about now?

Sure, there are plenty of people having fun with what the bot can do. But let’s get serious: what functions can ChatGPT do for your business today?

Here are 27 ways you can use ChatGPT in your company to service and sell to your customers and get more productivity from your employees…immediately. Caveats at the end.

1 – Programming

If you’re developing a software application you can ask ChatGPT to offer snippets of code or even write parts or all of your program, depending on the complexity. The same can happen if you ask ChatGPT to debug existing code.

2 – Blogs

To get found, Google likes to rank websites based on its activities and engagement, among other factors, and blog posts are a big part of that. ChatGPT can generate multiple blog posts for your site every week in a fraction of the time it takes to write something from scratch and this will improve your search rankings.

3 – Market Research

If you’re opening up a store or restaurant or thinking of a new product line you can ask ChatGPT questions about the market, demographics, and revenue potential.

4 – Legal Forms

If you need an employment contract, an independent contractor agreement, a purchase agreement, a simple bill of sale or any such typical business legal document just ask ChatGPT to draft one for you.

5 – Legal Questions

What are the zoning rules in your area? Is sick time mandated? How often should your scales be checked by the city? Ask ChatGPT and it’ll give you the answer.

6 – Scientific Research

If you’re preparing a scientific study and need help summarizing your findings into a formal paper for review, ask ChatGPT for some help.

7 – Customer Service Calls

When a customer calls in with a question a customer service rep can more easily and quickly query your internal knowledgebase using ChatGPT. Or better yet encourage your customers and visitors to simply ask ChatGPT themselves with a query box on your website.

8 – Online Chat and Support

Similar to leveraging your database, a more advanced use of ChatGPT would be to use it in place of a customer service agent to answer common questions in a conversational manner.

9 – Tax Questions

Want to know if something’s deductible? Or what the tax treatment is of a business transaction? Ask ChatGPT and it’ll give you some advice.

10 – HR Policies

Need a policy on employee use of social media? Drug use in the workplace? Sexual harassment? Ask ChatGPT to draft one for you.

11 – HR Questions

Have a sticky situation? An employee dispute? Nepotism? Theft? Many of these issues happen in a workplace. If something happens, ask ChatGPT about the best way to handle these concerns and you’ll get advice.

12 – Product Descriptions

Need to come up with a jazzy way to describe the products you’re selling? Give some of the info to ChatGPT and see what it comes up with.

13 – Real Estate Descriptions

Same as above, except you can use ChatGPT to work its magic on making that dilapidated property your brokerage is trying to sell look like a real bargain!

14 – Sales Pitch

Want to reach out to a prospect? Want to remind a customer about an open quote? Searching for something relevant to say? Ask ChatGPT to suggest a good sales pitch message that you can send.

15 – Newsletter

Ask ChatGPT to prepare your monthly newsletter based on new additions to your website or other information you give it.

16 – Internal Memos

Have ChatGPT look at your monthly financial statements, sales pipeline or open orders and then write your monthly memo to your team based on that information.

17 – Quotes

Speaking of quotes, integrate ChatGPT with your inventory management and ERP system and ask it to generate a quote based on current (or customer specific) pricing.

18 – Brochures

Need a great new brochure that visitors can download? Give ChatGPT your product and company info and ask it to write one.

19 – Math

For complex math or engineering problems, ditch the calculator and ask ChatGPT in plain English and it’ll give you its answer in plain English.

20 – Translation

Or maybe not English. Doing business with an Asian or European customer? Upload any document written in their language and ask ChatGPT to translate it.

21 – Multi-Language Content

Need a sales brochure specific for French customers? Or an email to a potential partner in Japan? I’m assuming your French isn’t great and your Japanese is no better. But don’t worry. ChatGPT will do that with any English document you provide to it.

22 – Meeting Prep

Heading into a meeting and you’ve never met the prospect before? Ask ChatGPT to do some stalking and find out everything possible about that person from any public source available.

23 – Meeting Management

Once Microsoft releases its version of Teams that leverages ChatGPT in June, Office 365 users will be able to generate automatic meeting notes, recommend tasks and help create meeting templates for Teams users.

24 – Office Management

Once Microsoft releases a future version of Office, you’ll be able to ask ChatGPT to create spreadsheets and PowerPoint documents for you based on information you provide to the bot.

25 – Training

Need a new set of training materials for your products? Give ChatGPT the information about the product and ask it to prepare.

26 – Job Listing, Job Description

Ask ChatGPT to write the perfect ad for the next job listing you make. Or a full-out job description for each position.

27 – Business Advice

Should you lease or buy that property? Is the ROI on that new piece of equipment worth it? Does it make sense to refinance your working capital line? Ask ChatGPT and you may get a few helpful answers to these and other operational questions.

Let’s remember that before you jump into ChatGPT there are lots of caveats. It has accuracy and bias problems. Many of these cases are not out of the box and would require a developer to integrate ChatGPT’s open source code with other systems and databases. When used the right way it’s a tool for helping, not replacing people. It will increase productivity but humans are going to still be needed to review, edit, update and finalize any of its work.

That said, and even in its relative infancy, ChatGPT is available and can help your business do things faster right now.

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