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LifestyleOn TikTok, women go crazy over Ukrainian President Zelensky’s ‘thirst trap.’
Despite Russian threats, women are drooling for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

On TikTok, women go crazy over Ukrainian President Zelensky’s ‘thirst trap.’

He’s the macho boss, and he’s a smokin’ hot one.

Following his unwavering defence of Ukraine against Russian soldiers, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is moving from unheralded European commander-in-chief to an international sex symbol.

And the 5-foot-7, freshly anointed hottie has unashamed followers pining over him online.

“It’s not the time or place to develop a crush on President Zelensky,” TikTok user Stephanie Martin confessed in a viral video about her uncontrolled desire for the 44-year-old married head of state.

“But…” she said in the video “The heart wants what it desires,” which has received over 694,000 views.

Martin’s fervour for Zelensky is reverberating across the hyper-sexual internet.

“I’ve got something to say to all of you. On TikTok, a groupie said, “President Zelensky — daddy.” “All these tiny guys are saying, ‘Call me daddy!'” No, no, no. Justify your claim. Zelensky, President? Daddy.”

Others praised the Ukrainian controller as “very gorgeous,” even suggesting that musclebound “Hawkeye” hunk-actor Jeremy Renner, 51, play Zelensky in a future feature picture.

Apart from the president’s fiery physicality, cyber sweethearts are swooning over the fact that Zelensky — who worked as an actor and comedian before becoming a national ruler — provided his soothing baritone to the world-famous, marmalade-loving Paddington Bear for the Ukrainian productions of the animated films “Paddington” and “Paddington 2.”

“I’m going to have to state what every lady is thinking: Zelensky is incredibly hot,” a Twitter follower chimed in. “The fact that Zelensky did Paddington’s voice-over is the cherry on top.” That film is one of my favourites! It is, without a doubt, the greatest film ever made. Paddington Bear is one of my favourite characters.”

Another fan wrote, “I just found out that Zelensky was the voice for Ukrainian Paddington Bear.” “And I’m certain I’m in love with that man now.”

Regardless of Zelensky’s superb looks and nice personality, disgruntled party poopers warned their starry-eyed counterparts against falling in love with powerful guys. And the vigilantes cited failed viral crushes on politicians, such as the 2020 “Cuomosexual” craze on since-sullied New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, which resulted in sexual misbehaviour hellfire.

Among a rush of thirsty Zelensky messages, verified Twitter user Tyler McCall stated, “I am very simply begging you guys to stop sexualizing politicians, you can enjoy the things they achieve without going freak mode about it, did Cu*mosexuals teach us NOTHING.”

Another critic of the trend spat, “Why do liberals only comprehend the news through the perspective of wanting to get f–ked by any dude they believe has nice guy vibes?” “Didn’t you all learn anything from being Cuomosexuals?”

Others just reminded Zelensky that he is a happily married guy whose marriage is probably under extraordinary stress while his country continues to be under assault.

A scolding Texan TikToker commented, “President Volodymyr Zelensky is married.” “First Lady Olena Zelenska is a scriptwriter; they’ve been married for 19 years and have two children together.”

“I would encourage everyone to respect their marriage and their children through what I can only presume is one of the worst periods in their marriage,” she said at the end of the video. I’m specifically referring to all of the dirty vids. I know [he’s] gorgeous, but please watch your manners.”

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