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One UI 5.0 vs Good Lock? Which one allows for the best lock screen customization?

Samsung has added a few additional lock screen customization options with Android 13 and One UI 5.0 beta, taking the user experience to new heights in terms of the variety of ways one might customise the UI. The idea is not entirely novel, though; in fact, Samsung has been providing extensive lock screen customization options with its LockStar module for Good Lock for some time. And now, we’re contrasting LockStar’s capabilities with the default One UI 5.0 lock screen customization options. Which is superior? Watch the video below to find out.


But if you want a more in-depth look at the new lock screen customization choices that aren’t limited to Good Lock, we advise watching our earlier One UI 5.0 beta hands-on video describing the third beta firmware. Let’s get to the point at hand. In essence, compared to the default One UI 5.0 beta 3 firmware, the LockStar module in Good Lock provides additional customization choices. It appears that Samsung was heavily influenced by LockStar and took some of its features for One UI 5.0.


Good Lock lockscreen customisation is made available to everyone by One UI 5.0.
One UI 5.0 arguably provides a curated LockStar experience without the need for Good Lock. And given the restricted supply of Good Lock, that’s also a good thing. This is standard procedure for Samsung and its experimental Good Lock platform, in any event. The latter is used by the corporation to test out novel concepts and ideas, some of which are later incorporated into the live One UI software.


The third One UI 5.0 upgrade and LockStar are two examples of this. Users of Good Lock / Lockstar will recognise the new lock screen settings, however they are now more simplified and a part of the standard user interface. To put it another way, Good Lock has once again fulfilled its role as a testing ground for new features. One UI now includes some of those features that have undergone further refinement.


As to which one is better, it’s not easy to pick a definitive winner, but we’ll say this: while Lockstar offers more lock screen customization options, the lock screen in One UI 5.0 delivers a more polished, streamlined user experience with features hand-picked by Samsung. For a closer look at how these two aspects of One UI contrast, see our video below.

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