Overcoming the paradox of personalization to meet consumer expectations by BlueConic

Overcoming the paradox of personalization to meet consumer expectations by BlueConic

Join this webinar to learn when consumers want personalization.

BlueConic on February 13, 2023 at 7:00 am | Reading time: 1 minute

With growing privacy concerns, consumers are rethinking what data they’re willing to give to brands, and over 80% of CMOs say privacy has changed their perception of personalization.

Join the webinar featuring BlueConic’s Khurram Moiz, principal customer success manager, and special guest, Forrester Senior Analyst, Jessica Liu, as they discuss the state of consumer personalization and outline the strategy, data and technology needed to successfully design and execute personalized experiences.

Tune in to find out:

• When consumers want personalization throughout their lifecycle.
• Why highly technical teams are not required.
• Real-world examples of how first-party data can unlock innovation.

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BlueConic, the leading pure-play customer data platform, liberates companies’ first-party data from disparate systems and makes it accessible wherever and whenever it is required to transform customer relationships and drive business growth. Over 350 companies worldwide, including Forbes, Heineken, Mattel, Michelin, Telia Company, and VF Corp, use BlueConic to unify data into persistent, individual-level profiles, and then activate it across customer touchpoints and systems in support of a wide range of growth-focused initiatives, including customer lifecycle orchestration, modeling and analytics, digital products and experiences, audience-based monetization, and more. BlueConic is a global company with offices in the US and Europe.

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