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Techpackage, guidebook, launch day pickup, and more for the Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

package, guidebook, launch day pickup, and more for the Apple Watch Ultra

This Friday, the Apple Watch Ultra goes on sale. We had the opportunity to look at the new box, which comes with a booklet, even though it already had new packaging and the first reviews were published.


Apple has added more information to the Apple Watch Ultra package than just instructions and a cable, giving it the look and feel of a brand-new Apple product.


The Apple Watch Ultra box is shown off in the greatest possible way by YouTuber iJustine. The Watch and band boxes open similarly and are larger than usual. When buyers open the package of this device, the first thing they’ll see is a brochure with images of bands that are special to the Apple Watch Ultra, details on the new buttons’ use, and more.


When you open the Apple Watch box, which has a mountain printed on it, you will find the Watch itself together with a braided MagSafe Apple Watch cable with a stainless steel finish. Even though they all arrive in a larger packaging, each Apple Watch band box has a unique appearance.


The Apple Watch Ultra comes with three different bands and a titanium-finished 49mm casing. Each one is suitable for a particular exercise, such as swimming, running, or hiking.

Bands for the Apple Watch Ultra are available.


Customers had a few weeks to pre-order the new Apple Watch before it became available on Friday. Users must check pickup options starting on September 23, however it will take some time for the updated Watch and bands to arrive if they have ordered them.


All three sizes and colours of the Apple Watch Ultra with Alpine Loop will take 4-5 weeks to delivery, however the large, orange Alpine Loop may take up to 7 weeks;
Alpine Loop band in starlight is available for delivery in 15 business days, while green and orange are available in 4-5 weeks;

Within 15 business days, all Ocean band colours and sizes can be delivered;
The delivery time for Trail Loop bands in all colours and sizes is up to 10 weeks.
Do you have this new Watch on order? What bands, if any, did you order, if so? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

Himanshu Mahawar is the Editor and Founder at Flaunt Weekly.

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